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All through the course, I realized that dance has been an element around the world. The style and purpose of the dance differ from one culture to the other. I distinguish dance as an art that involves grueling activities, sore muscles, calluses on feet bedazzled costumes as well as numerous aggressive competition and first-place trophies. I am passionate about dance, and it means everything to me. I am known for my ace grades in school and I made a good relationship with my teachers I never abandoned my books in favor of dancing rehearsals since I still valued the importance of education for my future career progress. I fixed enough time for my studies and dancing lessons. I have taken part in a few of the dancing programs which have made contributions to my passion for dance, such include: ********** Programs. So far, I have participated in the following competitions and achieved the following respective medals: ******************************. It will be a dream come true for me when I join the University of Florida Dance in my degree program in the Bachelor of Art in Dance Studies. My milestone to achieve in this course, under this university is because, I want to expound my proficiency in dance studies, by looking at the dance performance, theory, history, design, literature, technology, together with other related disciplines, before extending into law studies in future.

While I was developing my career in dancing, my teachers admired, my reasoning, argument, and decision-making, and therefore, I realized that with much more effort I can also make it in the law career. In future, I would wish to attend a school law and take a major in political science. Also, my interest in doing music with reference to the Law program is that: Music will further build my self-confidence, self-esteem, reduce stress, learn self-discipline and perseverance, enhance cooperation, learn responsibility, learn cultural history, and promote learning skills. I believe that, after acquiring the considerable proficiency in the UF Dance, I will broaden my thoughts and understanding in different levels of societies, since through music, I am able to articulate the most prevailing and critical issues that affect people in the society. Adding that to law, I will able to exercise and defend the constitution by defending the rights and freedom of institutions as well as the individuals. Doing law will not deter me from continuing with my dance career and becoming one of the UF Dance Team., I will blend both, whereby I will use music to teach, educate and warn people on different aspects of law and society at the same time entertaining them. My heart still desires for UF not only because of it having amazing dance program but also academic program, hence I would like to archive a degree in law. Financial wise, I believe I will make it since my grandfather is a survivor of the Holocaust, and therefore, got me Florida Prepaid.

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