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The monitoring method of data collection, the experience survey and the utilization of focus group, are all methods of research that would be appropriate for the scenario presented. It is true that the monitoring method of data collection involves the gathering of research's information through the observation of activities relating to the investigated scenario (Cooper & Schindler 2014).

In utilizing this method of data collection, it is paramount for the researchers to ensure that they do not cause destructions that would make monitored parties (the customers and employees) act unnaturally. This would ensure the researcher collects data that truly defines the scenario investigated. This method is effective since it allows researchers to receive first-hand information thus enabling them to have a better understanding of the issues being examined (Cooper & Schindler 2014). In relation to the case presented this method would enable the researcher to directly see how the employees relate to customers and each other. However, this approach may not be appropriate since the method does not promote interviewing of the parties being observed. Thus the reason as to why the people involved act in a particular way may not be known. For example, the researcher may fail to understand why the employees are rude to the guest and have conflict among themselves.

The experience survey involves the gathering of information relating to a problem from people directly linked to the problem. The most appropriate way of conducting experience survey may be through asking a series of questions by utilizing methods such as direct interviewing and the issuing of questionnaires. Assuring the participants of confidentiality often help in ensuring that the surveyed present honest information since they would know they do not have to lie to safe guards their interests. Gathering of information from different groups of individuals is also paramount since it allows the research team to have a better understanding of the population's experience.

The use of experience survey is suitable for the presented scenario since it would enable the researchers to know why employees conflict among themselves and offer poor services to their guests. This understanding is essential since it would aid in the determination of the most suitable solution to the issues raised. The utilization of this method is however not appropriate since the accuracy of the obtained information may be compromised due to biasedness of the interviewed (Cooper & Schindler 2014). The employees may for instant give misleading information to justify their actions.

In utilizing focus groups to research on a matter relating to a particular issue. The groups formed usually analyze different issues related to the problem being investigated. This method is convenient since it supports the utilization of different data collection methods that would ensure effective collection of information from specific target groups. In the case presented the team may use questionnaires to gather information from the employees and use interviews to get information from the customers. The information obtained from a focus group may be inaccurate since the responses given represent the view of a group and not individuals. The information may also be inaccurate especially in situations where the focus group moderator is biased.

By abiding by the scriptures from Romans 8:28 which states 'God will make something good out of the storms that bring devastation on to our life,' the employees would be encouraged to always give their best despite the hardship they would face. They would also work knowing that one day God will reward them for all the suffering they are experiencing.


Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2014). Business research methods (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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