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A man called Ove is a masterpiece by Fredrik Backman and makes a good read. The book is good and provides deep insight into the character of many in the society. Fredrik presents the main character Ove as a man difficult to get along with. He is grumpy, cantankerous and judgmental on other people and how they do their things. The book opens with Ove terrorizing the Apple Store employees, but things change along the way. The book presents different themes that cut across the literary device. However, one of the fundamental the theme presents is that it is always good in every person irrespective of their actions. Therefore, this paper will demystify how the author presents the good in people irrespective of their otherwise character in addition to recommending it for others to read and explore its positive side.

The author presents Parvaneh who is given as the Pregnant One (Backman, p.2) and how she played a big role to change the life of Ove. She is respectful, kind and careful. Just like Sonja, she also found the good part of Ove that ordinarily did not manifest. The death of Sonja was a big blow in the life of Ove. He was devastated for long for the loss of his loved one. Over explains how Sonja always found good in every person (Backman, p43) irrespective of how bad the people neither appeared nor looked.

When Parvaneh and her family move in together with Patrick, Ove is very disappointed with them. They come in and break into Ove's mailbox. He becomes outrageous and gives them a very poor and bad impression for their actions. Parvaneh is quite dumbfounded at the Ove's character, but later falls in love with her and realizes how much she loved Ove irrespective of his character and outbursts. The grief of losing a wide might have contributed to the devastation, but still even before Ove had the same character. After finding Parvaneh, he starts to take care of her and channel all his affections to.

Similarly, Ove is stabbed when trying to prevent two thieves from doing anything in the community. He had tried to bloody punch the man when he was stabbed by a knife. It was inconceivable that Ove, such a problematic man could be associated with anything good extended towards other people or the community. He had changed. The coming of Parvaneh had changed the man who previously was full of grief and bitterness. The coming of Parvaneh reduced the conflicts the man engaged in because there was somebody who now cared for him. The outward and previous judgment about him and his character had transformed and he could as far as saving the community from the thieves.

The time comes healing. Ove did not transform once. It grew with time over a span of period. The death of Sonja marked the transformation process for Ove. Many good things and character transformation happened after the death of Sonja. He impacted many lives after that. Previously he was known as the old man, who is grumpy and complicated, one who could not get along with anyone. The death of Sonja contributed greatly to the formerly identified character, but there was a visible transformation that happened in his life. He took time with the other people, taught them and also helping them with the lives. In a specific incidence, when Misrad, an LGBT person openly admitted to his father that he was gay, the father was dumbfounded and disturbed. He did not like the person's state and couldn't get along with the person too. However, Ove comes forth and teaches him to accept the person because it was his right to be what he wants and in the state, the person appears (Lickerman, 2012).

Consequently, the changes and transformations in the life of Ove were drastic. Fellow people and friends are change agents in the lives of other people (Lawrence, 2009). The old age says that Do not judge a book by its cover,' and it is true because if one could judge Ove by his character previously, he would get a wrong judgment of the Ove's character because time had transformed him from one personality to another. Indeed it is true that the grief process contributed heavily to the changes in his character and perceptions towards people. He always wanted to be like Sonja and Parvaneh and always find good in every person irrespective of their personality and characters. Ove learned from both of them and then taught the other people that came to his life. He taught Misrad, Patrick, and Adrian and further loved them including significantly impacting their lives positively just the way Sonja influenced his own very life.


A man called Ove makes a good read and is worth reading. The theme on there is always good in somebody is well demystified in the book A man called Ove. The person himself, Ove is presented as a crazy and grumpy man who cannot get well along with other people. He is judgmental and overactive on issues including harassing and terrorizing the people at the Apple Store. However, with changes in circumstances and Sonjas death, Ove demonstrates his good characters including impacting the lives of the other people positively. He protects the lives of the community by fighting the thieves who had come to terrorize the community. Therefore, there is always good to read for every person and it truly brings the best in people.


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