Comparative Essay on The Monkey's Paw and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Forever)

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The setting of the story "The Monkey's Paw," mainly gets based on a white family that lives in England and begins in a night which is characterized by darkness and storm. The first characters which get presented are Mr. and Mrs. White together with their son Herbert inside the house and both enjoying a cozy evening next to the fire. The next story for comparison get based the unfolding issues after the death of Buffy and Dawn's mother in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Forever). Therefore, the paper gets based on a comparative essay that compares two texts which got studied and watched in class. The two texts are "The Monkey's Paw and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Forever)."

The first comparison gets noted on the aspect of foreshadowing. In the first story by W. W. Jacobs (The Monkey's Paw), the first owner of the paw wished for death. The underlying justification for the mentioned information gets pointed out when Mr. White expressed interest in going to India, but the sergeant presents a different opinion about the issue. It is at the moment that the sergeant removed a small paw and explained the spell placed to qualify the aspect of people's lives getting controlled by fate. The sergeant then makes three wishes to the paw of which one of them got based on death. The desire came as the third of his wishes. The depicted foreshadows what will later happen as the story nears the end. The mentioned compares with the story of the Buffy Vampire Slayer where Dawn refuses to accept the death of Joyce. The depicted gets argued as an instance of foreshadowing since it images what will unfold as the story reaches its climax although the synopsis outlines the death as one of the primary issues. The next foreshadow gets pointed out in the scenario where Sergeant Major Morris informs the Whites family and other people who made their wishes on the paw not to blame him for the result. As noted earlier, the paw had a spell cast upon it and was, therefore, able to grant any wish which was requested even death which was the desire of the third person. On Buff the Vampire Slayer (Forever), Dawn asks for a spell that would return the mother. The situation makes Willow and Dawn looks horrified. The aspect depicts an aspect of foreshadowing since it images the request of Dawn that would occur at a later time after the mother's death. The spell got meant to bring her back from the dead; a situation which makes Willow and Dawn looks very terrified. Finally, the last issue on foreshadowing gets founded on the move of the paw in the hand of Mr. White as he makes his first wish. The mentioned depicts an aspect of foreshadowing since the action of paw moving happens after the underlying spell that was cast had already been drawn. On the part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Forever), Willow gets described to make the book move as a way of hinting at the spell. Dawn then asks at the location of the magic shop where the restricted suppliers are located.

The next dimension of comparison gets founded on suspense where in the story "The Monkey's Paw," the stranger gets caught in a situation of not knowing whether to knock the on the door and also failing to figure out the information to give the Whites about their son. The same is equally noted on Buff the Vampire Slayer due to the ordeal which unfolds while Dawn is casting the spell. It gets argued that the camera falls to the mother's grave and the aftermath brings panic because of the underlying consequences. The second suspense gets founded on the instance where Mr. White shouts at Mrs. White not to open the door as the wife fumbles with the lock. At the point, Mr. White puts a spirited fight searching for the paw to make his final wish. The action of Mr. White brings suspense because the aftermath of his actions is unpredictable to the wife. The subject also unfolds in the next story when the camera reaches the feet of the resurrected mother, and the shadow can be noticed outside the window knocking on the door. It is unclear what may happen when Buffy opens the door as Dawn also tries to rip the photo.

In consideration of the two stories mirrored, the topic of my choice gets noted on "The Monkey's Paw." The reason behind the decision gets noted for its clarity and the manner in which the characters are presented. Another issue is on the paw which gets associated with certain myths and finally the unfolding teaching. It is equally interesting and would trigger one to read it more than once.


In summary, the two stories depicted compares in the manner in which information is given and the stylistic devices of literature used. For example, the most dominant included the aspect of foreshadowing and suspense as already justified. The instance of foreshadowing has also been used at least thrice to depict how the two stories compare. On the hand, suspense got pointed out twice to qualify the same issue. They, therefore, qualify to meet the need of the essay as stipulated in the details.

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