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Diversity gets construed to involve matters of acceptance and respect. It pertains the understanding of the uniqueness of every person and recognizing their differences. The understanding can be based on ethnic lines, racial groups, sexual orientation, and gender. Religious affiliations, socio-economic groups among others. Diversity thus entails the understanding of the differences in free and safe surrounding and pertains the wealthy aspect of differences included within each person. On the other hand, culture gets defined as the art of transformation and changes in the human way of thinking and doing things. Therefore, it primarily refers to as the particular patterns related to human behavior, knowledge, and beliefs which draw dependence upon the ability for learning and passing intelligence to the succeeding generations (Cameron, Kim, and Gretchen, 2). Considering the definitions of the two terms discussed, I would expand the meaning of diversity to revolve aspects of accepting people positively regardless of their look, color, race among other fundamental areas upon which people may draw differences. On the same light, culture reflects the beliefs and behaviors of a specific ethnic, social or age group.

Equally notable, diversity in college gets construed to be an essential part of the students' success based on the following grounds. The first issue revolves the changes every country is undergoing with the huge number of immigrants in the learning institutions. Diversity thus plays an important role in ensuring that every person is accepted in the quest of acquiring academic knowledge. The next concern gets based on students investing in the future workforce. They must learn to associate with people from different backgrounds to fit the future workforce with ease. Diversity also enables the students to meet and learn with people from different origins hence encouraging collaborations and promotion of innovations from all aspects. According to the views of scholars, the effects of increased racial diversity on campus may be positive, for example, the high level of academic achievement and the overall improvement in the long-term intergroup relationships (Dancy, 4). Lastly, diversity also gets construed as an important part of students' success in colleges due to the allowance it offers to educational instructors in educating learners without any barriers. Students also receive ample time learning with their colleagues in a friendlier environment which promotes learning activities.

It is also significant to note that diversity holds the future success of the world. Some of its impacts towards the world's future success get based on the promotion of innovations by bringing together skilled personnel from all walks of life. The next effect gets drawn on making the world a more peaceful place through the mitigation of chances for discrimination and promotion of equality of all human races (Nijkamp et al., 6). The friendly environment also promotes the productiveness of people thus improving the world's ability of growth. Lastly, my culture focuses on its promotion to the succeeding generations, but with the changing trend of life, it is slowly disappearing due to immigration. Even though the change fails to resonate well with the older generation, I take a crucial role in educating them on the benefits brought when people from different backgrounds come together. I also encourage the immigrants to partake their educational quest without fear of discriminations and associate freely with people with the aim of making better their life. In summary, diversity, and culture play a significant role in ensuring the success of students and the world as a whole based on the acquisition of different innovative skills from various backgrounds. Therefore, it gets essential for people to accept each other regardless of their origin, religious groups among other grounds of differences.


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