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Many students get asking themselves whether the college education is worth achieving. The attention called by some articles regarding the higher education in Northern American whether being the best option becomes an emerging issue in the paper. Training in all the colleges becomes worthwhile once someone has gone through the system and acquired enough skills concerning the course become undertaken by an individual. Every single person has a capability of learning many things in any college which will, in turn, enable him/her to secure an excellent Job. The mentality that people have regarding graduates coming out of universities and stagnating should not be in our minds. We must believe in ourselves in everything we are doing to realize its purpose.

College becomes a place where we engage ourselves in many beneficial activities. Apart from getting skills in various fields, we also get knowledge which will enable s to cope with life challenges. Many colleges have a vision that focuses on usefulness to its graduates in the competitive world. One of the concepts of colleges focuses on making the students ready for future life as free women and men. College entails building not only your skills but also your soul. Many students get thinking in the critical manner concerning the values which guide them. They will always need to test out ideas while at the campus community. Regarding the college education, some misperception has arisen more so about the liberal arts. Many times, the hard economy bring the inspections of all the accepted institution and ideals. (Blumenstyk, Goldie,2). The one around the liberal arts education gets mainly hard to hit. It is something that gets held up as a practical approach and uniquely sensitive to learn and has made it come under the gaze of the news media and the policymakers.

The first misperception in the liberal arts degree become a luxury which many families will no longer manage to have it. The "career education" becomes what focus is. The studies show that many families are struggling to pay the college education for their children. Many argue that the liberal arts offer becomes the better investment ever and the future citizenship demand will require not little job-focused training. It is rather a better understanding of the hard influences which will shape the world we live. The misperception the "career education seems to suggestions that shortcuts get available to students that would lead to direct high paying jobs. The idea becomes misleading as the careers need to learn how to communicated and write very well, how to work together with others on research and how to understand the scientific concepts and the literary text. It is therefore preferable for the students to prepare for the change and diversify themselves to many careers they would manage to have. Having a single job might become dead any time and leave you jobless. (Diner, Steven J,3)

The other misperception with the liberal arts is that it mainly does not make sense for low-income and the first generation college students. It emphasizes that the students must focus on something that is marketable and more practical. They believe that the students who join the college with a prior acquaintance in a specific field with some experience will have an advantage at the start of the school. The notion is proven wrong as some experience shows that students who are new to specific concepts and approaches are the most active in the application and the discussion of those ideas. They tend to catch up with the college system quickly as compare to those who pretend to have to know the thoughts before. Respect should, therefore, get developed for everyone in the American society and avoid assigning different education level to various socioeconomic groups.

College offers a variety of courses, for instance, mathematics, technology, science and the engineering. There has come a misperception actions are in that field, and no one should not study the arts at the present day. The belief becomes wrong as the liberal arts covers the broadest ranges of discipline I the humanities, the natural sciences and even the social sciences. Among the academic units of many universities, the school of arts and sciences becomes the majority. The historical basis of the art education get found in the rates liberates comprising of the logic, grammar, and the rhetoric. To confirm how demanding the course is, there a lot of concern in American whether if the country is at the same base with China whose success in the technical fields is contributed by the skills in liberal arts. No course, therefore, should get underrated in the college education. Every student who joins any class in the college has to take the study seriously and avoid getting discouragements pertaining the course. The student should know that every college education becomes worth once undertaken not just theoretically having the misperceptions. (Labaree, David F,4).

Notably, there is a belief that American become the only country with colleges offering the old fashion form of education as the liberal arts I the world. They say that other world countries are running ahead of American with more of the practical orientations. The reality becomes hard when it comes to explaining the significance of a liberal-arts education to ethnicities from other cultures. In many countries worldwide, for instance, Europe, the pursuing of medicine or law begins typically immediately after completion of high school, without any requirement to cover the undergraduate degree first. The misperception also gets proven wrong since many delegations recently from China get visiting American and enquiring questions concerning the liberal art. They feel a good reason to try the education approach. They are coming to view a primary focus on technical training since they believe that aspiring the world leaders will help them provide young people in their countries with a broader perspective. The college education gets required in many fields worldwide since going through the system incorporates the individuals with skills and knowledge applicable in many areas. (Lomotey, Kofi,5). Some individuals may view a college education as wastage of resources, but they usually get proven wrong when it comes to job recruitments since only those with papers get shortlisted.

Finally, the notion that American cost of higher education gets increasing out of control and the liberal arts colleges are getting becoming irrelevant as they cannot make to register gains in the productivity. The notion is not right with the American higher education more so the cost mention. The challenge of the cost gets associated with individuals institutions. The American Government is ready to offer support to colleges in the means that will make them provide the kind of affordability and access that those schools need. Many institutions would like to get the liberal education which includes many private and public universities. The main reason for their demand becomes a belief that the liberal arts colleges usually are independent. They have a close relationship between the students and the faculty members. The significance of it prepares development of a high standard in young people for themselves and others. The leading quality of the liberal arts schools especially their financial model get becoming a big question to many institutions as their efficiency become hardly shown in the sector. For the individuals who get worried about the cost of colleges are also challenged here, the college education is worth achieving. The schools commit to doing expansion of need-based financial aid which will lower the total cost of attending this college.


In summary, the college education has got discussed broadly more, so the notions people have concerning some course in colleges. To have correct decisions, the young people must begin by throwing out those assumptions. Every individual can become excellent in every field he may want to pursue. Every person should seek to be among the best in everything they are doing, and that will assure them of securing work. College education gets accompanied with a lot of significance; it enables young people to interact with different kinds of individuals. They, therefore, discover new ideas and deciding what they would like to make in their lives. The parents need to offer full support to their children more so to join the college education. They should learn to invest in their children by providing them chances to go through at least the four-year college education. No doubt should be held on the college education significance since the demanding competitive world requires learned individuals in all the fields. (Zoukis, Christopher,6).

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