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Having spent my life around my father is clearly the best things that has ever happened to me. The old mans wisdom runs in my blood and no day passes without me having to use one of his ideas in one or two different situations. He was one person who taught me the meaning of life and how you should embrace it. Dreams are what makes life interesting he would say and here I am following up with my dreams of becoming a writer. How was your night, did you manage to dream and what did you dream about? you always dream about what you have been thinking, what you want to accomplish or the issues or obstacles in front of you, he would say to me.

Despite my ambitions of becoming a writer, my dreams were put on hold due to a few family issues relating to my family's conditions. My sister and I were tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the parents at their old age hence a lot was expected from us. The conditions drained us emotionally but the best thing that one can do is being there for the family. The family conditioned took a few years but we never gave up on the family neither did we give up on our dreams. I used to write short stories so as to ensure my skills were still on check and since I always loved writing. I could sit down by my dad's side look at him and find myself writing him a short story of a moment we had spent together. This gave me a connection worth him off the different things we had done in the past together. His loving nature inspired most of my writing; he had such an engaging life full of different events which always created humour as I wrote the short stories. In several occasions, I found myself writing hero stories and my hero had most of my father's characters. My sister was the one who used to read these stories to the family when am not around but in different occasions, I met them reading them and their happy expressions gave me the morale to continue writing my short stories. I had never thought of getting any of my work published and I felt I had a lot on the table with all that was happening with our parents.

One day a friend of mine told me about a woman's Compilation Book Project she had signed up for. She gave me the details in relation to what the project was all about and asked me if I was interested in signing up for the project since she had seen a few copies of my work. This felt good; someone apart from my family had seen my work and felt it would be worth publishing. The feeling that gives you the energy to work overnight' I would say. After she had shared with me all what, the project was about I felt more interested in joining the project although committing myself to such a project I had to involve my family.

Having a family that is always by your side is another thing that inspired me the most. I remember that evening as I approached my family and explaining to them what had happened, the Woman's Compilation Book Project that I wanted to sign up for. Their faces brightened as I went into detail about the project, at some point my sister interrupted me with a few religious comments on how God works in mysterious ways, "I have always been telling you brother, you have a blessed hand and mind, you pure heart as well, God just brought you dreams at your door steps. It's the high chance you grabbed them." This was not the only comment I got but everyone seemed to agree with my sister. The following morning after the meeting with my parents I signed up for the project and I clearly remember the feelings that ran through my body. I knew my father would have loved this moment more than I was feeling. I was following up on my dreams and to him, that's what really mattered. The project's cause also made the chance much more special to me since the finances got from it would be used to pay for after school care and summer camps for the youth. This was a way to help my community, a chance to extend my helping had not only to my family but to the community as well via a thin I love the most, writing.

Looking at the whole situation, I needed to come up with the best idea for my paper and it needed to be something that I could relate with, a concept that would relate to the people and touch their hearts as well as inspire them. At this point, so many ideas ran through my mind but I was yet to get a perfect idea. Then the life of my father hit me. He had spent his life as such a loving and caring man till his last days; he had led his church for the past forty years of his life and loved his congregation. What other stories would I relate to more than this? With this in mind, I approached my family and told them that I wanted to write about the life of the man of the house. His life was worth being shared with the world.

Having written small stories in relation to my father, this made it a little easier for me to do the paper but the pressure to deliver quality work made my entire body tensed. I had never written a paper for such a huge audience. My work was to be published and read by many. But I had a few friends and family who encouraged me to take it easy and relax since they had seen my work before and they were confident I would deliver quality work.

I began with an introduction to the life of my father, Ideas started flowing one after the other and I felt as if I was meant to do this. As I wrote the paper and got into detail concerning the life of my father I could get emotional, remembering the moments we had spent together broke my heart to comprehend the fact that he was gone from our lives and never to be seen again. At different points, I saw him as a hero sent here to help the weak and others since some of the things that he went through so as to help his friends and everyone around him. In the process of writing the paper I consulted with my family some things that I found unclear and in some cases, I realized different sides of him I had never know. He had sacrificed a lot for his church, for instance, he once paid for the church maintenance by himself for over six months when they had financial challenges before he could manage to have a team to help him out. Writing these moments made me feel the need to follow his footsteps. I got emotional found myself crying at some point while writing of how he loved me, the things he taught me and how the punishments he gave me shaped my life to be a better person.

After a few days of writing, I managed to deliver my work. A response from the project team which was to review the paper replied me with a brief email which stated, "Work Received Kindly wait for our response. Thank you." This message gave me a weird feeling of uncertainty since I did not know if my work had met their requirements but after a few weeks I received another email which had a book cover for the project and among the list of authors there was my name. This meant that my work was acceptable and had been published. I remember the feeling which was incomparable to any other feeling I had ever had. I was now a published writer and could not wait to share the information with my family. I wished my father was here to see me now. I had followed his words and they had paid off. This was the best feeling ever.

We all have our dreams and for us to finally achieve these dreams we have a story to tell of the journey. I found my inspiration from my family and my father being my key to success. An inspiration towards my goal and effort as well. Hard work and undivided attention will get you where you would wish to go. Becoming an author had been my dream from a tender age and despite all the challenges along the way I never gave up at any point and at last all the effort was paid back.

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