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Most dancer say dance is life, but for me, dance is a hidden language of the soul which has over the years enabled me to express myself with much ease. Since childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming one of the best modern dancers just like Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan, Bertram Ross, Martha Graham and even Rudolf von Laban. Nevertheless, this dream is unachievable without getting an opportunity to major in Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre, in the best dancing-oriented university which is none other than the University of Florida.

Alumnis of the University of Florida is not only inspirations in making me seek an opportunity at this university relentlessly, but they are more of role models whom I wish to aspire to my entire dancing career. To be precise, Buddy Ebsen who is one of the Alumnis of this university has enthused me in using my dance skills in the movie industry just like his prevalent Broadway Melody dance move that was employed in Walt design. A chance in this university will enable me to perfect my dance skills hence placing me at a better position in performing a dance for Imagineers devising Audio-Animatronics. I have done a course based on Film and Animation which I have recently graduated from the New College of Florida. It implies that earning an opportunity at the University of Florida in majoring in Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre will merge these two courses. That is, I will use my dance moves together with my filming and animation skills in enhancing my career.

Also, this university has been fully equipped with all modern equipments I require in enabling one in smoothly major in Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre. The University of Florida has fully equipped students pursuing Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre with the necessary dancing equipment. It put forward that a proper utilization of the universitys dancing resources will further furnish my dance skills and also enables me to be a professional dancer. The esteemed reputation on Paul D Basler and Mary E Birkner goes without saying that their dance teaching experiences will allow me to come out a better dancer than I ever thought I could be. I hope to work hand in hand with these instructors to realize my dream in my childhood-developed dancing career.

Earning an opportunity in majoring in Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre is only the current professional bridge that I need to cross to bring my dream to reality. Working hand in hand with the entire members of the School of dance at the University of Florida will create an ideal platform for exchanging ideas on dance which in turn will enhance teamwork. I hope earning an opportunity in pursuing Bachelor of Art in Dance and Theatre at the University of Florida will create a firm foundation for my career.

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