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Museums are commonly similar almost everywhere you go, both in Europe and the United States of America. They provide the visitors with an overall look into the culture of the past of any given town, city, state or country by exhibiting artifacts found all over the globe. Nevertheless, there are a lot of museums that display artifacts of different lifestyles in a considerably more accurate or rather specific way, and a good example of them is the Dali Museum.

The Dali Museum is positioned in the center of a charming downtown St. Petersburg Offering eleven kilometers of magnificently maintained water-front parks. In the recent years, the pedestrian-friendly city center has experienced a fantastic resurgence, its sparkling unique skyscrapers and eateries blossom the water-front. Not only are the landscapes breathtaking, but also the meals, with Central Avenue and the Beach Drive featuring a range of restaurants

Eight out of the eighteen expert works done by Dali are found in the St. Petersburg museum.The artist's unconventional, dynamics in design and style developed him to be a top representative of the Surrealist movement (a twentieth-century unconventional art and literature movement which attempted to rediscover the budding innovative capabilities of the unconscious mind). Dali's most recognized artwork and a perfect illustration of surrealism is found in The Persistence of Memory. The Persistence of Memory displays clocks melting in a landscaped surroundings; it's a mind shifting piece of art that carries away visitors.

The museum building is a 6137.41 square-meter structure situated in close proximity to the St. Petersburg waterfront, is a masterwork in its own right. A leading designer and architect, Yann Weymouth designed the building as a way of showing respect to Dalis eloquent and free flowing creativity. The museum building symbolizes the architect's mix of conventional and fantastical styles. You will enter the museum via the gift store, furnished with an extensive collection of merchandise linked to Dali's work. The "Glass Enigma" tops the Museum from inside. It consists of nine hundred distinct triangles and stretches from the floorboards to the ceiling. It then goes up like the helix-like concrete spiral stairs that was influenced by the spiral styles that regularly appeared in Dali works of art.

The Dali Museum is primarily committed to the job of Salvador Dali. It has the biggest assortment of Dalis operations out of Europe. His extensive selection of art surprises many people. His earlier works incorporate still lifes, portraits, and landscapes. On the other hand, his later works integrated intriguing double images and large religious paintings.In his later works, Dali incorporated geometry, optical illusions, and holography. Several exceptional exhibits have touched on his works as a filmmaker who collaborated with Luis Bunuel in this aspect of the art work.

Undoubtedly, the Dali museum offers an exceptional experience, one of the very best single artist displays in the United States. Before you pay a visit to this museum, you would probably consider that Salvador Dali was a strange man with an amusing mustache and designed funny clocks. When you get to see some his works in the museum, you will recognize that the gentleman was an outstanding artist who utilized the technology and scientific concepts of his time to develop a number of the most fascinating pieces of art you will ever see.

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