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People are born different in the way they appear physically, behavior portrayed, and attitude among other differences. A persons identity, however, is housed by the presenting differing aspect in a person. Children are born innocent, and as they grow, they interact with nature and the social being around their society perimeter, acquiring turns of knowledges, likes and dislikes. Due to the differences in humanity, a self-assessment guides one into a better understanding of oneself capabilities, potential, and weaknesses. A self-assessment reflect the aspects of a person, that are positive and of benefit to ones life, and those that need change and redefining. Every day individuals live in the desire to becoming better enhanced and a self-assessment create a guide towards changed and enhancement of oneself.

A society culture shapes much of the behavior and character exhibit by any individual. People differ individually, but there exists a recognizable mass difference among individuals of a particular society. Culture plays a significant role in our life as it is used to direct the good and the bad in community and people commonly find themselves trapped in their culture lines. For example, when Arab woman and an American woman are presented, there are many cultural differences exhibited by the two women. Therefore, its right to say cultural ties dictate in one way or another, the way we talk, walk, dress, eat and set goals among other aspects. Due to the projected factors that influence an individual character, I choose to use this paper to research myself, my behavior and personality. The information collected in the process I will used to define my strengths and weaknesses.

Cultural dimension assessment

Being born and raised in the United States in a family of four, I cannot help but identify that my culture and way of life is different from other countries cultures. I have lived in a neighborhood where few none Americans reside and have different cultures to mine. Close to my home are Chinese neighbors. The Chinese and American physical appearance difference is enormous, and the variance in characteristic one cannot fail to identify. Apart from the physical outlook, I have realized the way they interact and do things is different from the American culture. Using the Geert Hofstede cultural analysis dimension, I have compared myself with my Chinese neighbors and also explored more in-depth, the cultural differences between the United States and China. Culture affects the relationship between the people from both states, economical, politically and socially (Hofstede, 1984). Using the cultural dimension by Hofstede, there are five models used to explore cultural diversity, and they are

1. Is the culture individualistic or collectivist? China is a collectivist state

In China, people believe in working together for the greater good of the society. In China, communism is upheld, and individualism is condemned. It is common to see Chinese work better in groups than the Americans. In the United States individualistic is evident United States value individualism people act as individual and assume responsibility for their work. The rationale is highly welcomed, and success is highly rewarded and recognized individually.

2. Is the power distance high or low? Power distance is high in China and low in the United States.

In the United States, power is shared across the states and in the societies. People value the rule of democracy and equality. This makes the United States a small power index state, and therefore any decision made affect everyone. In China power is organized in a hierarchy and every member of the state know his/her place. In this case, China can be rated as a high power distance index state.

3. Is uncertainty avoidance high or low? China has Low uncertainty avoidance, and the United States is a high uncertainty avoidance state.

In low uncertainty avoidance countries, people are encouraged to remain focused for a standard course. High uncertainty avoidance state like what is predictable and controllable. Therefore, many of this population in this societies stay conservative and when failure fall they attach their inability to supernatural powers and beings.

4. Is the country masculine or feminine in its orientation? China has high Masculine

In China masculinity is standard. The men have the authority. The United States has a high feminine orientation women are allowed to participate in any skill career and positions of power. People work based on respect and cooperation.

5. Pragmatic versus Normative (PRA)

The United States is a normative society, and the people have a high desire to explore the reason behind their actions. People work hard to be successful so that one can become relevant in the society. Also, people are focused on short-term profits and other gains economically, politically and socially. China is a pragmatic state individuals in the community have a standard course, the primary objective direct all. Since one success is not relevant is not easy to find people talking much of their success since the success is best shared (Hofstede, 1984).

Examining my behavior which is directed by the American culture I now can relate as to why the cultural difference exists between China and United States and other states across the world. The cultural variation influences the way people communicate and interact and also it affects how business is done. When introducing a new company in another state or visiting in a new state, it is important first to learn the culture of the country.

Change self-assessment

Having understood the cultural influence in my life, I now explore my capacity to deal with change. Change is inevitable, and the difference is a factor that affects behavior and how people relate to one another. Change can be biological, environmental financial and social among others (Woodward & Bucholz, 1987). In life, I have encountered multiple changing experiences, and I have handled change in different ways. There are times I have introduced change, other times I have been a victim of change, and in many times I have been left confused, especially when the change presenting is different from my set objectives. Am in my final year in college, and already am experience change in career direction. I always wanted to be a photographer and travel the world, but my parents have begun introducing me to the family business. By now I have realize change do not affect me much, am easy to adjust as long as the positive logic of the change is well presented (Woodward & Bucholz, 1987).

Business etiquette assessment

Being introduced in a family business has given me reasons to undergo a self-assessment, which will help me evaluate and understand my behavior. First to assess is the business etiquette. After doing a self-assessment exercise on business etiquette using the Test Your Etiquette, Training & Development (Brody, 2002), am positive about my business future. My arbitrary norms lie at 9-12 which is rated as high business etiquette (Brody, 2002). Such a scale reading is suitable for any person venturing in business.

Locus control assessment

The second self-assessment to undergo is locus control both internal and external. The locus control examines my attitude and feeling towards the presenting outcomes both internally and externally (Rotter, n.d). In the business world, of which am being introduced, there are turns of reaction likely to be projected due to of internal and external triggers. Based on the assessment, my locus control score was at the scale of 5 meaning my internal locus control was high (Rotter, n.d). Goal setting assessment

Goals and the objective setting is an essential aspect of ones life, and they determine one's character and behavior. When one set a target, the main aim is to achieve the objective. To be useful in establishing and following upset goals it is essential to have an idea of ones personal goal setting. In this case, after assessing my own goal setting experience, I realized multiple factors influence goals setting amongst which participation level in the goals setting, feedback on goal effort, peer competition influence, goal specificity and goal difficulty (Steers, 1976). After carrying out a goal setting assessment, my score in each category is 4.25, 5.33, 4, 1, and 4, respectively. After interpreting the ratings, 4 is my average score, which in this case is rated as a moderate level task goal attribute (Steers, 1976).

The frazzles factor assessment

Reaction to a situation is another factor that influences one behavior. Some people react to situation calmly others are violent while others are normal. Extreme reactions require one to revisits and improve the attitude exhibited, primarily in the business filed while emotional responses are discouraged. The frazzles factor measure requires one assess the stress level and anger levels (Spielberger, 1992). After doing a self-assessment, I realized my stress level had a sore of 13 while anger levels had a score of 12. Translating the ratings, my score lay between 10 and 29 which is rated as the normal range. This means my stresses and anger level are well controlled (Spielberger, 1992).

Self-Reliance Assessment

Human beings are dependent on other people and nature for survival, in this case, it is necessary to know how much one is dependent on others. In this case, a self-reliance test is carried out, the reliance test measures three thing counter-dependence, self-reliance rate and over-dependence rate in my case the scores are 14, 21 and 7 respectively. When interpreted they mean counter dependence is low because the ratings fall below 22. Self-Reliance is high since the score lies above 17 which signifies excellent self-reliance and overdependence is low because my score lies at 7 of which over-dependence score starts from 9 (Joplin, Nelson & Quick, 1999). The reliance test gives me confidence in pursuing my career since I can manage with little help.

Cultural Diversity Assessment

Diversity is a factor that cannot be ignored mainly in the business phenomena. Now that am being mentored and being introduced to the family business, and my participation in the near coming future will be featured, I took the initiative to examine my knowledge of cultural diversity. In this case, I took action to assess my family business cultural diversity inclusion level. The business under review is a fashion and design business, and the business has 54 workers in total. The company has opened several shops in different states and based on the company goal; the firm is to expand internationally by 2020. After carrying out an assessment, I realized the business had incorporated diversity. There is a total of 22 workers who are from other races, and the company has both males and females employees

The oldest employee is 58 years, and she is the assistant manager of the company. People employed in the business have different skills and education levels. However, there is a training conference twice a month that brings the workers to speed about the current market and fashion trends. The workers have a strong bond and good work-related ties. Staffs are encouraged to design new product and styles, and this gives the team a chance to shine by developing outstanding products, designs, and techniques. The move gives the works motivation and improves creativity as the best design and style is recognized and the creator is awarded for his or her creativity. Although cultural diversity factors are included, the company does not have a disabled department. The business has never employed a disabled person, and this is one of the areas that need to be addressed. Also, the company should have position title, except the ma...

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