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As an individual, I believe that it is my obligation, to try in all manner of possibilities, to obtain cultural competence. So as to achieve this, I ought to be culturally diverse, an idea that will enable me to gain a lot more information and experiences, which foster overall cultural competencies. This being said, I believe that I need to learn more about sexism. Among a majority of the cultural diversity, sexism is one area of diversity in which I have not gained a reasonable competence level. One of the core reasons why I am yet to learn about sexism is because I live in a society that prejudices the roles that should be played by different genders. This being said, this kind of cultural beliefs have corrupted my understanding of equality across both genders.

Being a young person living in a postmodernism era, a vast range of forms of knowledge, and life events primarily compel me to desire change. For instance, today in the contemporary world, the media ranging from reading to communicated media and especially the television features considerable information and truths that often allude to gender equality. Besides, with the significant increase in a number of single parenthood, I have gained the proper understanding that gender discrimination is totally uncalled for and as the young generation, we need to work towards striking a balance with respect to the roles performed by the female and the male gender (Lum, 2007).

While in the course of enhancing and maintain cultural competence, I have set two most crucial goals that I need to meet within the next calendar year. These goals, in essence, are in relation to my desire to gain more information in the sexism area of diversity. Therefore, the following are my two special aims that I desire to achieve in the next calendar year.

To incorporate teaching with the social awareness of the limitations of sexism

To have effectively challenged any form of gender bias within my environs.

The fact that, even in the modern day today, the struggle for real gender equality is hardly over, one may compelled to think that achieving absolute cultural competence in societies like these would be a daunting task. Nonetheless, I believe that through a vast range of diverse actions, I will be in a position to effectively achieve the two special goals that I intend to achieve in the next calendar year. For instance, one of the resources that I intend to use so as to maximize on achieving the two set goals is research (Purnell, 2002). In this respect, I understand that, when compared to other forms of research which seek to reduce other types of prejudice, the research on the interventions to reduce or rather mitigate sexism is limited. This being said, I intend to bank on improving on the research necessary for spreading the awareness on sexism among the young generation.

Besides, as a measure to foster gender balance and mitigate sexism across various societal sectors, I will need to get personal. This means that, I will be keen to monitor all my actions around the children I teach so as to ensure that through my walk and talk, I will effectively enhance gender balance. This will involve questioning most of my deeds and evaluating whether any of them alludes to gender discrimination and its related prejudice.



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