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A sculpture is a two or three-dimensional symbolic figure. Sculptures can be images of people, animals or objects. They are used to pass a message or even as a way of commemorating history. Goff Jacques (1992) states that people in a society always feel the need to commemorate their ancestors. Sculptures are used to pass moral, historical and cultural information. In America, there are many sculptures some which are in the public domain where one can see them for free and at any time. Sculptures attract both local and foreign tourists.

The sculptures of Les Voyageurs is one of the public art in Marseille, America. Sculptures that are in the public domain have an eye-catching ability that makes them noticeable by any person who passes by. Les Voyageurs is a series of sculptures of people with some parts of their center body missing. There are holding traveling bags, and it seems like they are traveling. Several Les Voyageurs sculptures have been erected on the streets of Marseille. These sculptures were made by a French artist by the name Bruno Catalano. The Les Voyageurs is a French word meaning the travelers. A number of these surrealist sculptures were installed in 2013. The Les Voyagers was funded by the A Rubis Cultural fund commission.

Les Voyageurs sculptures represent a traveler who is traveling, but he is leaving a significant part of him behind. The traveler also seems to travel in search of some missing parts of his soul. These sculptures have a real meaning in our lives today. Larsen Laragh (2013) says that sculpture or statutes are not without a symbol or representation. These sculpture symbolize the many people in our world today who are leaving their home place in search of fulfillment. Every time one leaves his/her home, some parts of his/her soul are left behind. Some people live their County for pilgrimage purposes, others as refugees while others travel for leisure or in search of greener pastures. The artist of these sculptures (Bruno Catalano) is a sailor, and every time he left a Country it felt like some part of him has been left behind. This feeling became an inspiration for these sculptures. The Les Voyageurs inspires people who feel like they are incomplete to think positive of their incompleteness. This is because these sculptures are incomplete and they are not perfect, yet they are beautiful and strong, Gardner (2014).

Several years back when I looked at these sculptures, I laughed and wondered how they were able to stand yet a significant part of their center part was missing. I thought it was a drawing. I went close, and I realized they were real sculptures. When I look at these sculptures today, I admire them and appreciate the creativity of the artist. I see two scenarios, a man who is willing to travel in search of his missing parts, and a man who is ready to sacrifice part of himself to fulfill a call. They make me feel lonely; they remind me of the first time I left home to go to school. I felt like I had left some parts of me at home. I felt lonely and wished I had stayed at home with my family. This feeling of loneliness always challenges me whenever I travel away from home.

Though art work dates back to the Stone Age, it is still valued and appreciated in the current times. Artwork never seems to be outdated but feels new every day. Les Voyageurs is a form of modern artwork because it depicts the life we are living in the modern times. Art is part of our life because it is used as a form of communication. Artwork helps us to keep memories of our past and also acts as an open book to teach us about our current lives.



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