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Anchors Aweigh

Above is a navy song meant to inspire and motivate the Navy to keep on keeping on. In the event of war, it is so easy to despair and loses hope especially when on the verge of losing. This song advises the Navy not to give up the good fight and reminds them the importance of the Navy's stern call. It goes ahead to say that changing the course is not an option when it comes to this line of duty. Although the Navy may be faced with trials and tribulations in the war field and some may even consider quitting, this song reminds them that they are working for the greater good of the nation. According to the lyrics of the song, a true navy should at all times maintain the virtues held so dearly such as faith, courage, and service because, without these, it is very easy to stray or give up. The song honors the crucial role played by the navy in a country ("The U.S. Navy Song (Anchors Aweigh)", 2017).

Sixteen Tons

This song is more of a poor man's cry. The poor man says that unlike other people who believe that they are made out of mud, he is made out of muscles and blood. This is because his line of work involves physical activity that requires him to toil to put food on the table. He is not a smooth ride, the man works in a coal mine and the title sixteen tons is symbolic of the heavy loads he has to carry for a living. He leads a very hard life, and he has every reason to believe that luck has never been on his side from the beginning; and however badly he wants to hang out with his friends, he cannot as he owes his soul to the company store. Work sometimes hinders us from pursuing our hobbies and enjoying leisure time with friends and family, but the song advises us of the importance of work ("Sixteen Tons - Tennesse Ernie Ford w/ Lyrics", 2017).

Working Class Hero

From the title of the song, there is a sense of heroism affiliated with work. Whereas most people consider work to be something forced and done because it must, this song changes that perspective entirely. It makes working people look and feel like heroes from within and something that anyone should aspire to be. In the first verse of the song, John Lennon advises that work should be the escape from the injustices that one goes through in their daily lives. It is normal for people to belittle you and to experience pain but working hard earns you a spot in the society and makes you a hero who your future self will be proud that you did not quit ("John Lennon - Working Class Hero", 2017).

Nine To Five

Dolly Parton's song title is about the working hours of an average business day. In America, people live to work and work to live. However, as much as work is an important aspect of life, for some reason, people never stop complaining about it. It happens that even those who claim to love their jobs find a reason or two to complain about it. Dolly Partons song encourages people not to give up. From the first verse of the song, she talks about how she tumbles out of bed in the morning and pours herself a cup of ambition because she will need it to go through the day of working ("Dolly Parton - Nine to Five", 2017).



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