Movie Review Example: A Time to Kill. The People vs. Larry Flynt.

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A time to kill comes out as a movie that narrates a story about two American racists, Billy Ray Cobb and his friend Pete Willard. They are said to have abused a 10-year old African little girl, Tonya when they come across her in Mississippi her rural home in Canton. Tonya luckily survives after most attempts by the criminals to kill her but finally get dumped in the nearby river after being raped. Her father Carl Lee Hailey seeks justice for himself after realizing what become done to her daughter.( Household, G. 2015). He recalls the same incident that had to happen in the nearby town in which four gentlemen had raped a girl, and after being taken to court, and that the men got acquitted. Carl fear the same could happen to the two criminals. He, therefore, shot dead the criminals as they became taken to court.

The case of the murder by Carl becomes the climax of the story. Tonya's father looks for a white lawyer Jake Brigance to run his defense despite being advised by his people to choose an African lawyer. Billy Ray's brother, Freddie Lee Cobb, tries to do revenge to what became done to his brother. He threatens Brigance family with death upon realizing that he was Carl's lawyer. Jake became denied a chance to defend his side by Judge Omar Noose when a final decision on a death penalty got made by Rufus Buckley. As trials began, bomb got thrown into the air, and the target was to destroy Jakes family and his property. (Household, G. 2015). The defenses he got giving to Carl made American became against him. Lucky enough, Brigance had shifted his family before to his in-laws and bomb never got them. Freddy tried all his efforts to put revenge into Carl, but many defenses got rounding him led by Jake and his friends.

The film has covered several moral issues. The narration that the film put across left many situations whose actions affected other people in many ways. Beginning with what the two criminals did to the innocent little girl, Carl, her father felt so much offended the extent of killing the two criminals. He could not spare them since the same incident had happened in his home town, but due to racism in the country, the four gentlemen got acquitted. Carl fear the same could happen to the two and never spare them. He seeks justice for himself.

We get also introduced to a white lawyer named Jake Brigance. He became approached by Carl to run his case of committing murder. He became a lawyer who proves his right ruling despite the color of an individual. He commits himself fully to defend Carl to the point of losing his properties and nearly lose also his family. It is because the society was against the man for defending an African who had committed killings. The idea of racism is entirely brought forward here as Carl had been advised before by his people to choose an African lawyer. They could think that unfair judgment could get done by a white lawyer, but it turns opposite to their expectations.

The revenge Freddy attempts to commit is another issue that comes in the story. He also wanted to ensure that Carl gets death as he had killed his brother. Despite several trials, but never succeeded since Carl had enough defenses. He only qualified to destroy Jake properties the lawyer who happens to be defending Carl. Finally, Carl manages despite the death penalties he had been given by judge as his attorney with his friends fully supported him.


Household, G. (2015). Time to Kill. Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller.

Moral Issues

Film Summary: The People vs. Larry Flynt

The People vs. Larry Flynt film comes out as a 1996 drama movie by Forman Milos. The film narrates a true story concerning the experiences and encounters of Hustler Magazine Publisher, Larry Flynt. Per the movie, Flynt had the opportunity to grow up within the poor outcasts of the State of Kentucky before having the platform to run, successfully, a bar and club in Cincinnati, Ohio (Alexander& Karaszewski, 1996). The club associated with women who sought to dance naked on the stage, as well as for Flynt, thus, the opportunity to make a living. In the mid-1970s, Flynt tried to publish a reputable newsletter for his business, which quickly turned into a sexually explicit and shocking magazine across the nation. Under the assistance of his wife Althea and brother Jimmy, Larry focused on becoming the richest pornographer across the United States while expressing the symbol of excess, filth, and the essence of bad taste.

In the midst of these successes, Larry had to deal with consistent legal troubles in which communities claimed that the magazines violated the community standards. Nonetheless, Larry was able to limit use the help of his lawyer, Colin Issacman in defending his rights as a defiant business person (Alexander& Karaszewski, 1996). Notably, Flynt paid the high price for the controversial endeavors, thus, filling his life with various tragedies. Regardless of these challenges, Flynt would use the support of his lawyer Flynt to stand for the principles he believed in with one of the great legal battles taking place all the way to the Supreme Court. The outcome of the case was the significant confirmation of the consistent importance of the First Amendment among the citizens of the United States.


Alexander, S. M., & Karaszewski, L. (1996),The people vs. Larry Flynt: the shooting script, Newmarket Pr.


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