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On Thursday 10th August 2017 at 8:00 pm, I attended the classic of ALL-VIVALDI which was in the bowl of Hollywood and entailed acts such as; Nicholas McGeGan as the inventive, Simone Porter (Violin). Tim Mead (Countertenor), Sherezade Panthaki (Soprano), Justine Aronson (Soprano), Pacific Chorale and Robert Istad as artistic managers. The concert began with quietly as the string instruments plucked in unison and the brass instruments followed slowly. The different sounds of the artists on stage succeeded one another until they ultimately all entered together. Vivaldi's concerts are accessible globally mostly due to the outstanding violin performances that are presented.

The first act during the concert was Nicholas McGegan who is popularly known as the finest Baroque conductor of his generation. His energetic and enthusiastic character opened up the stage with zeal, giving the crowd a lot of energy as we awaited the rest of the artists. His experience in classical concerts was proven that day as he conducted the concert in style.

The second act on stage was Simone Porter who played the Violin. He too has an outstanding history in classical concerts all over the world. He is recognized as an emerging artist of intense energy, musical integrity, and vibrant sound. This was seen during the show as she moved the crowd of fans with her outstanding violin performance. Her passion for playing the violin was seen during that concert. She struck the violin melody, which immediately set a light-hearted tone for the piece. This was one of the most inspirational and moving scenes of the entire concert. Good enough, after a pause, the violins made a vivid arrival by singing the serenade theme, while the deep resonating sound of the cellos enclosed them in training. The movement became lively and energetic, as the pizzicato cellos and the short violin strokes underscored the principal theme. The next act on stage was Gloria who performed chorus. Her vocals were accurate and matched with the tempo initiated by the first act. The next act was Sherezade Panthaki who sang in soprano. Her shimmering sensitive and vibrant voice wowed the crowd of fans at the concert. She was then joined by Justine Aronson who also sang in soprano. The both employed artistic and technical versatility to create engaging performances during the concert.

The third act was Tim Mead who was the countertenor. His globally-recognized sounds thrilled the crowd of fans at the concert. I addition, Pacific Chorale and Robert Istad served as directors during this show and with no doubt performed to their level best.

The piece that I choose to write about is symphony on playing the violin. Normally, the second violins play a supportive role rhythmically and harmonically to the first violins which then played the melody and the highest line of the string section. Although the two acts played different parts, both of them shared in the responsibility of seamlessly blending together to form one unit.

This was an inspirational show in which the artists exhibited high levels of professionalism. Attending this show increased my awareness of the diversity of style and compositional techniques inherent in classical music. I particularly enjoyed the mystery of how the artists played the violin and sang in incredibly amazing voices. At the forefront of classical music, and the reason I enjoyed this concert so much, was the lyric quality of the melodies. Simply put, this type of music is lovely, and it speaks directly to an individual. At the end of the performance, I was glad I had attended. It was an exciting and entertaining concert. What intrigued me the most was the violinist Simone Porte? I was fascinated by how gracefully her body moved with the music. The instrumentation during the concert was properly done as each was in sync with the other as the artists successively followed each other.

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