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Script writers have the ability to craft a character that would fit within their lines of thought to pass their message to the audience. The person playing the role created for the character must be in tandem with what the scriptwriter intends. As a result, in the selection of the person playing the character, script writers are careful to ensure that everything about the character emanates from the actor. A careful analysis of Christian Bales performance as Alfred Borden in the movie The Prestige reveals a perfect fit for the role. Christian Bale, known for his versatility and great oratory skills perfectly fits within the role of Alfred Borden. His penchant for pushing himself beyond limits in everything he does brings out the character of Alfred Borden. When watching the film, one would get the feeling that Borden is actually Bale reading the script based on the manner in which he brings out the drive and conviction in the character. Even when working as an assistant magician to Milton, Bale, through the character of Borden has the desire of becoming the greatest magician in the world. It is thus inconceivable that the character of Borden would have been played out by anyone else other than Christian Bale who is a perfect fit for the role.

The physicality of Christian Bale makes him the ideal candidate for the role of Borden in the film. Known for his charming looks, posture and physique that would make him lovable, Christian Bale brings out the magical and charming nature of Borden. It is for this reason that Borden is able to win over ladies. Just like Christian Bale, Bordens physique is an added value to his technical abilities as a magician which makes it easier for viewers to engage with the character. As a viewer, one is able to learn about the charming side of Alfred Borden based on the physicality and movements of Christian Bale in the film.

Emotions play a great part in bringing out the intended message in the film. They also help viewers to understand the nature of the characters. After watching the film, one gets to see the emotional side of Christian Bale, which comes through the character of Borden. He is depicted as charming, sympathetic and caring towards people who are close to him. This is evident in the way in which he is willing to risk it all for the sake of his daughter, Jess Borden. While this is the case, his emotions are not static but change depending on the prevailing circumstances. For instance, one gets to see his vengeful side when he decides to do all he can to overcome his rival, Angier in the magical stage. This is well depicted in the film and readers can identify with the emotional side of the character.

The commanding voice used by Alfred Borden reveals a man who is confident about himself and his abilities. Even when working as an assistant to Milton, Bordens voice and tone brings out an aura of a man who believes that he has what it takes to become the greatest magician in London. As a result of this voice and tone, one may mistake Alfred Borden for being an overbearing character based on his domineering nature. It is an aspect that affected my opinion of the character until I watched the movie to the end, where I got the chance to see that behind the commanding voice, there is the soft-spoken side of Borden, especially when speaking to people he loved like his daughter.

In conclusion, Alfred Borden comes out as the hero in the film, though not in the Aristotelian concept of a tragic hero. He is able to win the battle against the villain, Angier, who dies in the end. Furthermore, the whole plot circumvent around the fact that despite their rivalry with Angier, Borden was always of the good cause of pushing magic to the furthest limits but not to harm others. Therefore, I believe he is the hero and perfectly fits into the role as written by the script writer.



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