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In this essay I am about to share my impressions from the first time attending a sport event. Ill tell as much as I can about this fascinating match, and why it was interesting for me. It was the last match of the championship series of the National Basketball Association, and the end of the season's playoffs. The game was between the champions of the Eastern and Western Conferences, i.e., Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder and it took place on June 21, in 2012. As it was my first attending such a huge sport event, I can definitely claim that it was worth of going and watching. The basketball always meant a lot for me, and watching the game in real time was an amazing opportunity. The opposition between teams made the stadium a place of pain and, at the same time, satisfaction and joy. When you watch the game in real time, it is completely different from watching it at home sitting on the sofa. O should note here that I was really involved in some kind of relationship between me and the game, and as a result I started feeling even more respect and love for this game.

First of all, I would like to provide some information about teams. The Miami Heat is an American professional basketball team based in Miami. The Miami Heat play in the National Basketball Association as a representative of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division. Their home stadium is American Airlines Arena in Miami city center. Micky Arison is an owner of this team, and Erik Spoelstra is a head coach. Personally, I supported this team. Their opponent was the Oklahoma City Thunder based in Oklahoma what is clear from their name. As a previous team, they play in National Basketball Association but they represent the Western Conference Northwest Division. They play their home matches at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The team is owned by Professional Basketball Club and the head couch is Billy Donovan.

I had had my ticket about one month before the match started. When I came to the stadium, I found out more people, patiently staying in the line, than I expected. This crowd made me sure that there is an important game over here, indeed. I was wearing a T-shirt with a printed logo of the team I supported. I was so excited that I also took a flag and a scarf with their emblem. Before entering the stadium, I had to wait for about 40 minutes. Meanwhile I was already impressed and amazed by fans who came to support their favorite teams. The game started at 9 pm and I became a part of something incredible. Even though the Miami Heat had won 3 matches before this game and definitely was ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder, I found fans and supporters for both teams. But mainly there were more fans of the Miami Heat. It was quite easy to recognize them because all of them were wearing white T-shirts, the same colour as the uniform of their favourite team. The crowd was overwhelmed with their emotions; they were shouting, clapping, whistling and supporting the teams as much as they could. I was attentively watching every movement, ball drive, handlings and, of course, goals. As it was my first attending the sport event of such importance, the professionalism of the players and their precise movements made me sure that I am in the center of something impressive and I will definitely remember this match the whole life. This music, the spirit of the competition, professionalism of the players and impulsive actions of the audience made this match especially noteworthy.

Miami won the fifth game with a score 121106. But it should be mentioned that this victory was a quite surprise for most of the fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were not expecting such outcome because the Thunder had won a San Antonio Spurs team that was undefeated in the playoffs. The Thunder was well-liked and, certainly, they were not ready for such an unpleasant result. During the game I was impressed by strong performances of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh, as well as by Mike Miller who scored most of the points. It seemed to me that their win over the Thunder would be easy, because they had already won three games out of five. But the Thunder started outscoring, like in the third quarter, and kept this position for some minutes. I liked the fact that they were playing with such eagerness and devotion that I could just wonder where they got this power and energy. Nevertheless, I did not worry because I did believe in the success of my favorites and, undoubtedly, I was pleased watching a strong game performance of both teams. At the last minutes the Heat was leading with more than 20 points. Even when the final outcome was predictable, the whole audience remained excited, and kept screaming and cheering for the team. When you are in the center of the actions, everything seems different, i.e., the excitement is higher, the screaming is louder, the players are speedier and the ball is more imperceptible. Having won this game, the Heat got their second NBA championship for all the time.

After match I was watching some amazing things, indeed. All players of the Heat, their friends, relatives and fans were extremely happy, some of them even were crying with happiness. People were overwhelmed with emotions. It was great to observe such true emotions. Players of both teams were hugging, even kissing each other and congratulating each other on a good game. Everyone could come into the field and congratulate or support their favorites. It was a great opportunity to contact with sport legends, and that what I had done. There were also lots of journalists and TV workers who interviewed the players and their coachers.

To sum up, I would like to mention that it is quite difficult to describe that delight and festive atmosphere. I was just happy to be there. Recalling that grand match makes me sure that I am about to visit sport events in real time over and over again. And, no doubt, I have fallen in love with this game even more.

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