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I have always been a fan of many fun moments, but none can be compared with Christmas. The lovely mood that comes with the seasons greeting can only be described as splendid. It is one of those few moments that one can find the streets and the mansions smiling at each other and enemies shaking. Many people have their reasons, but I have reasons why I like Christmas.

Christmas has always been made unique by the type of music that celebrates the birth of the Messiah. Music has always played a role in jazzing the Christmas gigs in my neighborhood. Very early morning during this holy festival, hymns work tirelessly to print poker faces on my neighbors. The First Noel brings the good morning greetings, Joy to the World tempts lip-singers in our house and The Little Drummer Boy marks the genesis of kitchen affairs. Everyone knows that Jingle Bells is the choice of many as the bright sun gently shines over the decorated streets. Hymns and bells in a well-lit church with a flowery alter is always heart massaging and come with a thousand angels of love.

Christmas brings together the entire family together, and only few exemptions can be cited where one or two family members failed to attend. After a whole year of separation from family members, nothing makes me happy than to meet my funny father, loving mom and ever-entertaining siblings. These people fill my life with an overflowing joy that is so rare to find. That is the only few moments one can witness my father playing our ancestral guitar and compounding the string beats with some lovely country music. Mum often takes a rare role of dancing to the hymns or offering sound backup. A sound that is never very musical can always be heard from my elder brother who always seems to be the odd one out in our singing talent genes. The mood can always be compared to swimming in the rare pool of Mr. Joy. Christmas times help in ironing our family differences and filling any fractures that may have formed during the year.

Christmas comes with gifts from various family members and friends. Searching that one person who does not love gifts is like searching for a coin on the ocean floor. Gifts are the best medicine for gloomy faces. Gifts create a kind of happiness that serves as a perfect medicine for shaping a wrinkled face. I cannot recall a single moment when I missed to get a Christmas gift from friends and family. It all started when I was young, and my parents and grandparents would spoil me with a collection of toys. I was often spoilt for choices, and evidence of this lies in the toy museum I created at home. My first bicycle was a Christmas gift from my mother and the second was a response from my father when I was ten. Despite all these gifts, my dads promotion letter that arrived during one of the Christmas festivals was a life-changing moment. In one of the many Christmas celebrations that often brings our family together, we were in an ocean of joy after Uncle Tom successfully proposed to his dream wife. The Christmas mood always brings a fever pitch that every family member.

Christmas has always been a celebration that involves meeting with new and long-term friends. I must admit that on several occasions, the Fiesta has played a positive role in illuminating the back-room boys. These are wonderful friends that have always played a significant role in my life behind the scenes. It is that moment my grandfather tells us, go out with the boys before they go back to the salt mines. The get-togethers are common in Christmas since not everyone is always in cahoots with friends. I am always glad to see groups of friends preparing barbecue, laughing and sharing drinks. It is a common scene to see friends breaking each others ribs with tones of laughter. The crazy local derby that brings together baseball rivals is always an oasis of friendship rather than rivalry. It is true that Christmas is an event that pours oil on troubled waters. Christmas delicacies serve can as well be compared to an olive branch that we always hold out to our neighbors.

I am always in love with the decorated streets, churches and homes during the Christmas festival. It is always impossible to identify the bride of this wedding day is the dressing code of the beauty queens. This is the few days where I cannot give half an eye to the beautiful mood that spreads all over the neighborhood. I love Christmas since such beauty is often confined in the nests until Kris Kringle wears red. I can recall a common phrase, Have the angels adorned the streets? It always reminds me of my old folks who took their pride to another level during this event. The couple could not step out until they had adequate information that the streets were decorated and approved by the angels of beauty.

To celebrate Christmas without delicacies is nailing jelly to the wall. Food comes in as a default vocabulary in defining a typical Christmas festival. The best part of it is that sharing has always been a norm during this festival. Delicacies on Christmas bring forth a mint condition that I admire with all my heart. Roast chicken, fried turkey, fish fillets and cold ham are some of my favorite dishes during this day.

I have always wished to meet the inventor of Christmas and offer a bouquet for such an entertaining day that redefines family, friends, and food. I like Christmas because of the beauty and beats that make it a success. If it were in my power, every day would be Christmas. The gifts and praises that ice the day are always adorable.

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