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Narayan Ghimire, born on November 15, 1970, is a Canadian Nepali who is an expert in the creation of the innovative food and flavoring ingredients. Ghimire has achieved a global fame for his specialized skills on materialization of the food ingredients such as the vegetarian meat, vegan cheese, and the tobacco. Ghimire is also considered the first food scientist and flavourist, who has substantially used his skills to adopt the concept used to capture various areas of knowledge through the use of experimental developments. He has utilized the custom mapping technique and iMindMap software to achieve this.

The achievement as exhibited in Ghimires profile is substantially hinged to his early growth and education. As a young boy, Ghimire grew in Yampa Phant, a small village in Tanahum District of Nepal, where he was occult detective fiction enthusiast and reader. As part of his education, Ghimire obtained Lean Six-Sigma Master Black Belt from Villanova University in the United States. His post-graduation course on Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Science in Toronto further improved his knowledge and skills regarding food technology. In 1994, he became a food technologist from Tribhuvan University, while at the same time graduating with the project management course. It is after this period that Ghimire migrated to Canada as an immigrant under skilled immigration program. He later sought a permanent Canadian residency where he was accepted in 2013. He is married to Kalpana Rijal and is blessed with one son, and family lives together Scarborough, Toronto.

He began his career a project that was being undertaken by the United Nations Development Program in Nepal, but later joined the other organizations such as World Food Program and Ministry of Education of Nepal as the Technical Director. As a professional at this position, Ghimire used his knowledge and expertise to recommend the alternative course of cost-effective methods of handling nutritious food, as well as transportation and storage at rural regions, which faces infrastructural challenges. As a coordinator of various agencies such as the World Health Organization, Nepal Food Corporations, and World Food Program, Ghimire has engaged himself in the activities meant to assess the outcome of the nutritional significance of the nutritional food supply project.

Presently, Ghimire has developed to become a senior member of the respected American Society for Quality (ASQ), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the British Society of Flavourist (BSF). As a professional, Ghimire has received numerous awards and recognitions such as Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) by American Society for Quality (ASQ), Certified Food Scientist (CFS) by Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and Certified Flavourist from British Society of Flavourist (BSF) among others from prestigious professional bodies and agencies.

Ghimires migration to Canada in 2006 became a major turning point in his professional career. During this period, he got the opportunity to update himself with the new and emerging knowledge body in food and food ingredients and the existing pharmaceutical sectors. Just after his migration to Canada, he joined the Ministry of Environment as a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) technologist. He later joined the Flavorchem International Inc, which is currently the largest 100% Canadian Flavour company as a food scientist and Flavourist. He widely engaged with top management of Flavorchem top management to build the biggest drying facility in North America, which has overpoweringly succeed. Flavorchem was, therefore, able to elevate its ability forward through building next-generation research unit and analytical labs which are equipped with GC-MS software and innovation labs. Other than operating as a full-time employee as a professional head at Flavorcan Company, Ghimire serves in various scientific peer groups, sprint groups as well as academic institutions. His role as an innovation expert and lean six-sigma manager to enterprises has also been recognized throughout the North America.



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