Image Analysis of Casey Cizikaz, Professional Hockey Player. Essay Example.

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Photographs such as Casey Cizikaz, a professional hockey player manipulates the natural flash illumination and the classlessness of lens. The eyes are obliged to pick their way from face to the hand, to choose between the fully blown hairs and the tight muscles, the wrinkles cute face and the cool tattoos with a scar around them. Because Casey Cizikaz seems not to attract any particular characteristics in the photograph of him, he provides the impression of absolute objectivity when it comes to playing a professional hockey match and total disengagement when he is pissed off when injured in the course of playing for Islanders Hockey Club as a center forward. Casey Cizikaz calmly looks into his great future that is prescribed by his echoed scar and well-designed tattoos on his left hand. While Casey Cizikaz stares in adulation upon the scar of classical past, Casey Cizikaz is equally engrossed by the future through the tattoos scribbled on his left hand. He gives a good impression even by looking straight at the tattoos that are almost being engulfed by the scar which came as a result of an injury attained while playing a professional hockey game. Thus, this study will vividly analyze the image of Casey Cizikaz who is a professional center forward hockey player in Islander Club.

A portrait of Casey Cizikaz shows how a player of his stature can be considered essential in a club for his professionalism in hockey as a center forward. By looking at his delineation scribbled at the back of his image, it is a lent of credence of his immense determination to be the best of the best in his club as a player. His plan of becoming the most reliable player in club's hockey history is presented by the scars on his left hand and the tattoos all over the whole hand. The scar on the hand depicts of the hard work Casey Cizikaz puts on the field. The scar is a result of an injury sustained in the course of playing for his team for silverware. When you look at the way Casey Cizikaz gazes at the scar, in the back of your mind you know, it means great things doesn't come through a silver plate. You have to toil hard for you to achieve great things. Thus, on Casey Cizikaz's image, the way Casey is photographed looking at this scar creates a feeling that the scar brings some vivid memories of the up and downs he has faced while giving his best as player of Islanders Hock Club. At the same time, the scar on the image can suggest of Casey Cizikaz's bond with his teammates.

Casey Cizikaz calmly looks at his great tattoos that are prescribed and echoed by the design they are put on his left hand. Casey gazes at both the tattoos and the rest of the palm hand with adulation upon looking at his scar that reminds him of classical past. He is also transfixed by what the future holds for him. He appears to gaze sharply at the tattoos. These tattoos seem to remind him of future. It is in the tattoos that he sees his future, and thus he invites to see his future too through the tattoos. This self-possessed confidence expectancy the portrait depicts him further suggest how Casey supplements his classical past through the column of writings behind his portrait. Casey turns his back to the column but yet Casey subsumes his posture by the uprightness he is seen to have. Thus, through the uprightness o the posture on this image of Casey, he is seen to be a pillar that represents his future in the club he plays.

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