A Literary Essay: Same Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

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The book Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron and Denver is a truly inspirational story which starts with a distressing childhood tragedy but ends with a cheery achievement of dreams. It revolves around at least three characters, Denver, Ron and Deborah, who bring out the idea that God works through people to change other peoples lives. It is a tale of deep pain and difficult situation, which ends in unbelievable redemption. The book starts by bringing into attention the lives of two men, Ron and Denver, who are searching for a meaningful life in different ways. The tale tracks the lives of the two men from childhood, the manner they encountered each other and the process they underwent to develop love and trust towards each other.

Denver was a poor black plantation worker living in a shack in Louisiana (Hall & Moore p1). However, Denver was felt disturbed with the living condition but had a skill for surviving. He drifted from place to place and ultimately ended in Fort Worth, Texas. Ron, on the other hand, was well educated white American raised in a well-up family. After school, Ron establishes himself as an international fine art salesperson. Deborah, the character, had met Ron while in college. Ron and Deborah later married but they faced numerous challenges in marriage until they decided to pay attention to their faith. As a Christian, Deborah decides to work in a homeless shelter as a way of giving back to other people. The weekly voluntary session became frequent, strengthening the couples faith and marriage than before. At the shelter, they encounter Denver, a mean, unfriendly and bitter man. However, over time they managed to soften his heart and helped him grow spiritually.

Denver was filled with hatred and fear towards white men. It is only after his interaction with Deborah that he changes his perception. At his earlier life in Louisiana, he had experienced a life threatening scenario all for being close and helping a white lady. With Deborah, it was a different phenomenon as there was love, hope, and faith in her. However, this could not last for long. After the trio met Deborah was diagnosed with cancer which claimed her life. During her illness, Denver used to pray for her as she had made him and Ron grow in faith. Deborah died knowing that she had accomplished her mission in this world which was to bring Denver and Ron close to God. Deborah had told them that for nineteen months they used to pray and expected a miracle (Hall & Moore p195). She had realized that by converting the lives of the two gentlemen to live for God, she had accomplished her calling.

After Deborah's death, Ron and Denver grew together as brothers even going for road trips together. At one instance, when the two were discussing catch-and release fishing, Ron had to urge Denver to retain and respect their friendship forever or rather look for other friends because he would not withstand to part ways with him (Hall & Moore p109). The relationship between the three became a story to tell at the newly missionary constructed chapel in memory of Deborah. It used to inspire other people to have the same kind of faith and kindness towards each other just the same way Deborah had implanted love, hope, and faith into the two gentlemen. Lastly, one can learn that there are intellect and potential kinship in other people which someone cannot discover just by a look. Just the same way Ron benefited from Denver past experiences, God can turn our difficulties to become a pillar of our success in future. The book can, therefore, be seen as an example of Gods redemption among Christians.


Work cited

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