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Train to Busan is purely an entertaining zombie movie. The move can be regarded as shallow and uninventive. However, it generates a proper tone and mood. The movies deserve recognition not only after it nails the bleakness and terror of zombie apocalypse, rather, but the movie also infuses a story with genuine heart and emotions.

As the train departs, a convulsing, ill young woman boars with a bite wound on her legs. The woman later becomes a zombie and attacks the train attendant and speedily spreading infection in the train. Even though it is not frequent that a zombie flick can cause tears as readily as screams, however, the movie is a rare example of the complete package. Although the film tells the story of human beings in the zombie hunt to escape, the movie is controversial. Train to Busan is deceptively simple zombies on train premise shows a lot of bloody violence and breathless action that are punctuated along the way by socially commentary, strong characters and the weighty dose of drama(Kermode). The story and the scene in the movie took place on a train. Seok-Woo, a successful fund manager, decide to take his daughter to see her mother as a birthday gift. The relationship with his wife has turned soar since Seok-Woo has dedicated his life to working as compared to the family. Her wife long train ride away and Seok-Woo and her daughter board a train, their destination are Busan. There is a woman that has also boarded a, and she was ill since she had a bite on her leg. The moment the train departed, the woman becomes Zombie and attacks the train attendant and speedily spreading the infection in the train. In a matter of minutes, someone changes the moment he/she is bitten and the director of the movie introduces characters in one section of the train, while in the other part, individuals are being run over by ever increasing number of infected passengers and the scene is bloody and scary. The victims in the move upon getting infected turns into homicidal flesh eaters who contort their body attacks everything and anybody that comes on their site(Kermode).

The train within some few minutes becomes a no man land as every passenger that is not infected try to keep the infected creatures at bay. The film captures the impact and terror of those terrible moments of the zombie apocalypse. The entire situation is characterized by confusion, widespread death, and chaos. A lot of actors surrender the horror surrounding them, and this only propels the movie forward. We can help the poor passenger on the train. However, we are sure as heck believe that these individuals are terrified. As such, Yeon who is the producer has created a juggernaut that has broken records in South Korea while depicting a lot of gory violence and astute social commentary(Kermode).

How the movie handles the controversial Issue

Being that the Train to Busan is receiving different negative views from the public that involves delivering plenty of astute social commentary and glory violence, the movie, on the other hand, handle such controversial issues through the positive content that is related to the whole content and even the plot of the film.Even though the movie premise may be viewed as generally clinched and typical of a violence genre, the movie its state showcase refreshing twists to the standard setting of a disaster while wearing a good picture altogether. Much creativity is realized on the choice of the train as the setting, this set up not only create a sense of claustrophobia around the characters but also aids in the action making it be a real human story which is hidden within the plot of the movie. Basically, through the sense of claustrophobia environment based on human stories, the film holds a great suspense and a showcase of creativity.

With different issues related to violence raised from the public in criticizing the movie, this is contrary to what exactly is happening in the film. The distant relationship that is existing between Seok Woo and his daughter is strengthened by bounds and leaps, and its a good picture and feeling when the two characters reconnect and even care for each other. This is creatively done by the liberal application that involves incorporation of zombies. Additionally, another positive relationship that is not based on violence and even worthy to note is that between a gang star like husband and that one of the high school student and his wife. In this case, the controversial issue raised from the public about the movie being full of violence is fully neutralized in this work of art. Even though the husband is physically offering help when it comes to assisting the wife, she is disciplined and not shrinking violent all over hence showing a true grit throughout the film (Yeon).This depicts a loving and a good type of relationship even though the parties are operating independently. Ideally, through this admiring and loving relationship, the film is different from the dysfunctional relationships that the current media is showing.

Notably, Train to Busan also paints a very realistic perception of the gamut of attitude and reactions to an outbreak of a zombie. With different individuals ranging from a self sacrificing, naive to cynical, the movie provides a reminder that all the characters are also human beings. One positive note that one can learn from the film is that an individual who is at first perceived to be only concerned about his own welfare can learn bonding together with other travelers to make sure that a better chance of survival is in place.

Even though, there exist some of the characters on the opposite end of the spectrum, for example, the person who leads to the death of four individuals. Critically, the fight that exists in the whole train not only demonstrated the brawns but also the characters brains. This film has captured innovation by the use a narrow space in the passenger cabins. Indeed, there exist individuals who show consistency more so in character, this through a good picture of a train driver in the movie carrying on with a strong passion and sense of responsibility and drive to offer help to other individuals even though he had a higher chance of escaping on his own.

In my opinion, this is one of the best action horror movies that I have ever watched, and in my view, it the best film of the year. The movie comprises of a bunch of cliches that everyone is conversant with, and make everybody feel fresh and brand spanking new. I plan to watch the film again the moment it becomes part of my zombies.

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