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Music has a significant role in our everyday life. In their lifetime, people spend a lot of time listening to music and buying it. I interviewed David Simpson, a senior pediatrician in John Hopkins Hospitals. He is a perfect example of a music fanatic. David, my grandfather, is a seventy-year-old man who would be described by many as the cool grandpa. Despite being a doctor, he is a vocalist, a violinist and a pianist. He is also a husband, father, and grandfather. He is known for his prowess in the medical field and also in the music industry. He has released over a hundred songs since he was fifteen years of age. According to David music has changed his life immensely. His most preferred genre is jazz but also loved Country music.

David had so much to say when I asked him to elaborate on the roles that music had in his life. During his childhood, Davids family was poor. His father was a carpenter and could barely make enough income to feed his large family. David started having an interest in music at the age of ten. He used to go to the marketplace every evening so that he could watch the famous band, The Shoe Ticklers, play. With time the leader of the band started liking him. He was taught how to play various instruments. He later became a member of the band. He could make money out of the music and help his family. He also managed to pay his school fees. By the time he was joining a Medical school, he was popular in the music industry.

Throughout the interview, one could see the passion that David had for music. Some of the most memorable times were when he was chosen to entertain the president and his delegation during a social occasion. The president was so impressed with his musical skills that he awarded him with a full scholarship to John Hopkins Medical School and also in Mediante Music School. Being the eldest, he supported his siblings with finances. He also helped them pursue their musical skills

My grandfathers musical world differs in various ways with my mine. During his generation, musical instruments were very expensive. The well-endowed families mostly used them. Accessing music was therefore really hard. He was lucky to have had one phonograph which had been given to him by a well-wisher. The way of mouth spread information on events, festivals, and live shows. Currently, accessing music is widely digitalized. One can access various songs on the internet, through live streaming. Information about concerts and festival can reach a large number of people in a just a short while.

Similarities between the old music and current music are that they both require a display of talent from the entertainer. The fact that music artists also have a message that they intend to send to their listener has also remained a unifying factor between music in the two generations.

Overall, David life success was greatly influenced by music. It changed his life from just a boy from a low-income family to a now successful physician. Through him, the benefits of music are seen. Despite the various challenges that come with addiction to music, music is still an important part of life. Therefore all parents should embrace the musical skills in their children.

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