Monologue of Olive's 'Little Miss Sunshine'

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Olive is a seven-year-old girl who has never taken part in a beauty pageant. Little Miss Sunshine is her first contest, and she is determined to give it her best shot. Unlike most of her contestants who are experienced and in their teens, she is just a young girl fascinated by the idea of being a beauty queen. Some are dressed in beautiful evening dresses while others wear adult like swimsuits. They also put on neatly done makeup to illuminate their faces. Olive is plain and chubby dressed in her creative attire.

She gets into the stage confident and ready to showcase her skills. Through the nodding of her head, she can communicate to Kirby on the kind of music she wants to perform. A hard rock at a louder volume is played. It is different from what other contestants have performed. The crowd and her family members are amazed. These are not what they expected more so from such a young girl.

Olive losses herself in the music, she dances with a total command, euphoric and with a lot of vigor. She is doing it for fun, pleasing herself and everyone else in the crowd is irreverent. Everyone is silent and in disbelief. Her uncle Frank laughs and start cheering her, he is joined by his other brother Richard. Her parents are relieved, and they cheer along. The management is shocked to see such a young girl dance in such a provocative and witty mastery of her body. The official question her parent for cheering her daughter. He tries to have Kirby turn off the music, but he pretends not to be hearing and instead makes it louder. The officials walk to the stage to get the attention of the MC who is ordered to get Olive out of the scene. He tries to get hold of her, but she wiggles her way and continues with her routine. Her father prepared to defend her daughter rushes to the stage, and he is involved in a physical confrontation with the MC.

Some audience starts living the room as mothers couldn't take it anymore to have their children watch the scene. Others shake their heads while covering their ears as the music was so loud. Her father managed to put away the MC and joins her daughter in the dancing. Frank and Dwayne also join them. Richard waves at her wife to join them. She does it, and the entire family is on the stage, they thrust their bodies losing themselves in the moves. At the end of the performance, the audience gives a standing ovation to the family. Richard swings her daughter in the air.

Olive is the youngest member of the hover family. Her mother is a housekeeper while his father is struggling to build his career of being a motivational speaker. Her stepbrother Dwayne aspires to become a pilot. He is in his teenage, where he is trying to discover himself and when he finds out of the financial constraints of his family that may hinder him from archiving his dreams. He vows to remain silent until when he becomes a test pilot. Frank is olive's uncle the brother to her mother. He is living with them after a failed attempt to commit suicide, to heal from the emotional trauma. Her grandfather also lives with the family after being evicted from his retirement home for using heroin.

Edwin is olives coach, and when they learn of her qualification to the beauty pageant that will be held in California, they are ready to support her. Frank and Dwayne are also to join the family as they are emotionally unstable. They lack the resources and have to travel in their van. Its such a long journey with a car that has mechanical problems. They are forced to push the van to bump start it. Frank gets to meet his former lover who made him have an attempt on his life. Her grandfather who is also her coach losses his life from the prolonged abuse of heroin. They hide the body in the van and continue with the journey so olive can make it to the contest in time.

They are united by the challenges they face on their way as they are working on a common goal to make olive's dream a reality. These make it possible for them to bypass security checks with a dead body in the van. They were strong and comforted each other as losing a close family member and not having time to mourn him was not easy.

They get to contest although a bit late Olive is given a chance to compete. His coach who was a drug addict and had worked in a strip crab for most years of his life could only teach this girl of witty dance moves. Her performances amaze the audience, and the support of her family makes it a success she gets a standing ovation. The judges have threatened to disqualify her nevertheless she is a young girl with courage and determination to become a beauty pageant. Through proper training and support from family, her dreams are attainable.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Little Miss Sunshine. Dirs. Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris Michael Arndt, and Tim Suhrstedt. Perf. Frank, Dwayne, Richard, Sheryl, Edwin Olive. 2006. DVD.

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