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Elizabeth is also honest and lively which makes her stand out bad influences that are a common phenomenon in the society. First of all, rather than accepting the proposal from Mr. Collins because of her mothers pressure, she instinctively turns it down. Furthermore, Elizabeth also shows her honesty by giving her views on the reasons of the rejection.

Furthermore, Elizabeth can converse with other characters brilliantly. When talking to people, she can maintain brilliant talks by including funny jokes that light up the mood. The author also notifies the readers that Elizabeth, had a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous (3.14).

Weaknesses and Flaws

A major weakness showcased by Elizabeth is her lack of seriousness even in situations that demand. She is fond of making jokes every chance she gets and this makes people around her uncomfortable and also disappointed. One example of such a situation is when Jane asks her how long she has loved Darcy. Elizabeths response to this question is, It has been coming on so gradually that I hardly know when it began. But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley" (59.16).

Another Elizabeths flaw is the fact that she is overconfident and even insinuates that she is a good judge of character and deciphering situations, keeping in mind that she is only twenty years old. The main incidence that she demonstrates her overconfidence, which later fails her, is when she rejects Darcy initially, only to learn that he was a good man. After realizing her mistake, she mumbles to herself. How despicably I have acted!" she cried; "I, who have prided myself on my discernment! I, who have valued myself on my abilities! Who have often disdained the generous candor of my sister, and gratified my vanity in useless or blamable mistrust (36. 18).

The Characters Main Quest

The main issue that revolves around the protagonist (Elizabeth) is the fact that she makes prejudiced decisions because of the pride and confidence she possesses. Despite her charming character, Elizabeth shares her thoughts on marriage which is quite unbelievable. She believes that marriage is key to happiness as a result of what she hears from people around. Therefore, a ring is mandatory in her quest especially being a daughter of a countryman who does not believe in leaving his estate to a girl. As a result, Elizabeth develops a belief that she has to find a real man of her preferred status. At first, she turns down a marriage proposal from Mr. Collins which creates bad blood between Elizabeth and her mother. Therefore, her mother tends to favor other siblings and even wonders the reason for her husband supporting Elizabeth. Furthermore, Elizabeths prejudice also makes her make a rushed decision that she later regrets. When Darcy proposes to her, she dismisses him thinking that she has made an informed decision by what she perceives about Darcy. Therefore, this pre-judgmental nature makes her have a strained relationship even with her siblings because if her quick dismissal of various things. Such a prejudicial character makes Elizabeth miss out on how much Darcy loved her and also created feuds with other persons. Therefore, would she have seen Darcy for who he was and also stopped overconfident, all the regrets she later had would have been avoided.

Sub-text of Actions

On a general perspective, Elizabeth can be seen to be a bright and good young lady who values herself. However, her ego and prejudiced perceptions about individuals later have a negative impact. For instance, she judges Darcy on mere acuities and dismisses his marriage proposal, but in the long-run, she regrets her actions. Furthermore, she also makes similar actions against Miss Bingley, but after her marriage to Darcy, the two become good friends.

Characters Interactions

Elizabeth is respectful to the elders close to her. However, in some instances, she also seems to be disrespectful. For example, Elizabeth makes fun of Darcy in the presence of other people which makes him embarrassed. She tells him that she wonders now at his knowing any accomplished women (8. 51). While Elizabeth may view this as a simple joke, she offends Darcy and Miss Bingley. On the one hand, she has a good relationship with her father, but on the contrast, she fails to establish a suitable relationship with her mother.


Though symbolism has not been majorly applied in Pride and Prejudice, there are a few cases where it can be seen. For instance, Pemberly, Darcys estate is defined as, a large, handsome stone building, standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills; and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance (43.3). A thorough comprehension of this explanation can be deciphered as being a direct reference to Darcy's character. Elizabeth visited the estate in a time when she had started having feelings for Darcy, and the visit further boosted her emotions. The rooms are also discussed as handsome which may also be a direct reference to Darcy.

Also, the letters jotted by both Mr. Collins and Darcy may also be used as symbols. In Mr. Collins letter, there is excessive use of ME which seems as self-praise just as his real character. However, on the other hand, Darcys letter addresses his relationship with Elizabeth without much praise which reflects his humble nature. Despite Elizabeth not falling in love with him immediately, it does not take long.

Actions Based on Historical Context

Having been written back in the 19th century, various acts may defer from those being conducted in the current world. In such an era, girls were expected to follow their parents ideal partners in marriage. Therefore, refusal to accept the proposal of a recommended individual was viewed as defiance. In this case, when Elizabeth turns down Mr. Collins marriage proposal, her mother becomes furious and even secludes her from the rest of her siblings. However, in the current society, many people are given the freedom of making their choice and only a few communities still follow such practices. Ladies are entitled to their voice on the selection of their partners.

Character Arc

Despite Elizabeth being a good young woman, she had the problem of being prejudicial in her actions. She believes that she has what it takes to determine the right decisions even at such a tender age. While she may be given credit for being clever, Elizabeth also fails when it comes to making particular judgments. Other than dismissing Mr. Collins' marriage proposal, she also disregards Darcy on the same basis. However, in the end, Elizabeth realizes that she had made a terrible mistake by declining Darcy on the first stance. Elizabeth later confirms to her sister, Jane that she had made a terrible mistake and was now reckoning how to express her love to Darcy. When her sister fails to believe, she says, You know nothing of the matter. That is all to be forgot. Perhaps I did not always love him as well as I do now' (59.8). In the end, Elizabeth also accents to Darcy's marriage proposal and moves into the Pemberly.

Personality Profile Comparison

Elizabeths prejudicial decisions eventually bring her regrets and emotional turmoil. In the same manner, I have similarly made such decisions and succeeded without any adverse impacts. However, one may never know when such a day may come, and such prejudiced actions turn against them. Therefore, it would be necessary to learn a lesson from Elizabeth, amend, or avoid such actions that may later bring unwanted consequences.



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