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Character 1: Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is an imaginary character who appears as a timid and unassertive boy. He is Harrys first friend while at Hogwarts but lacks the charisma and enthusiasm possessed by Harry Potter. However, he is presented as a loyal person who helped Harry throughout his escapades. Moreover, the director used this character to depict a picture of his generosity, selflessness and other personality.

Ron Weasley character is often used as comic relief. His actions are seen through playing real wizards chess and being in continuous connection with the main protagonist. The director used his wizard background at Hogwarts to express how success can be achieved merely by hard work and talent even without family support. The director highlights Ron through sharing classes with Harry all through the series, and he is used in hunting to save the philosopher stone. Additionally, he is highlighted when he was awarded as the best player during the last feast of the school year.

The character is portrayed as a person with trademark red hair and tall, thin with being feet and hands. He is a well-dressed boy, and he is always neat during the entire play. Harry, who is the main protagonist always loved his company as he helped him and Hermione proceed carefully through the dangerous animated chess game. Harry porter and other characters loved his humility and being just lackey. In some instances, he is accused by other characters of being jealous of being not recognized like the spotlight Harry receives.

The director expressed Rons character as being hilarious but juvenile and unresponsive. Nonetheless, he is gifted with magical abilities and skills such as having exceptional talent during wizards chess. This character says the importance of an individual talent and knowledge in managing situations.

Character 2: Albus Dumbledore

This is another fictional character used in the series. He is represented as the headmaster of Hogwarts, a wizarding school. He is a wise and kind character and is recognized as a famous wizard. His humbleness makes him being adored by other characters, and he is not too obsessed with the school rules. He respects instructions but does not overstress its significance just like what his colleagues such do.

Albus is used by the director in depicting someone with an extraordinary level of wisdom and having high personal consideration and awareness. He set up the entire pursuit for the sorcerers stone just for harry porter to ascertain himself. He is highlighted during placing orphaned harry at Vernon home since he believed the special magic would protect him. Furthermore, he played a vital role in telling Harry the mysteries of the mirror of Erised.

The character appeared as a tall, thin with silver hair and beards. He always wore glasses and flamboyant collections of robes. His mode of dressing is unique because he likes bright clothes that range from bright orange to purple. Harry porter response to him as a being helpful because he returned in time to rescue Harry from Voldemort and Quirrell when he tried to enter the dungeons to recover the stone. Other characters also describe him as being intelligent because he hid the stone in the captivating mirror without being easily recognized by Professor Quirinus Quirrell, Ron Weasley, Hermione, and harry.

His character observation is that of a person with magical skills and abilities and immense knowledge and love. He extensively helped harry to appreciate the importance of loving his parents thus helping him realize the necessity to kill Lord Voldemort. This character says more about the benefits of wisdom in solving issues that affect us.


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