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Which literature has a theme that supports violence as the fundamental teaching for members of the community to emulate? In most of the literature, the theme of this literature is optimistic in the enhancement of moral values in a community, however, in this literature entitled The Lottery, the theme that has been used encourages immoral values that result in violence. The theme of any literature creates an ideal platform for enhancing the illustration of the teachings being depicted in the literature. It has hence made me be upset due to the use of violence related theme in this literature. According to various instances in the literature, it is evident that there have been contributions by members of the community to result in the final event of violence which is stoning Tessie Hutchison who is a parent.

At the beginning of the literature; Bobby, Harry Jones, and Dickie Delacroix collect stones that are finally thrown at Tessie Hutchison at the end of the literature. It is immoral to encourage children in indulging in violence hence when these boys collect stones; they are dertain that what they are doing is right. The relentless effort made by these boys by collecting the smoothest and roundest stone illustrate that the boys are passionate in indulging in violence related activities. It jars one on realizing that children contributed to the stoning of a member of the village at the end of the literature. Violence related theme is hence depicted in this instance which makes one question on the ethical standards in this community.

Is it not disrespectful the villagers to make fun of the aged and the physically challenged in the society in this literature? When Mr. Summers calls Clyde Dunbar to come and pick his lottery, the villagers laugh at him since he is not able to cut across the crowd to go and pick his lottery. Each is aware that he has a broken leg, but villagers do not have empathy which is a moral teaching in this literature. The lack of compassion among villagers further angers one since it implies that the theme illustrated in this literature is detrimental to the readers moral values.

As the literature unfolds, one rhetorically question on the reason behind the need of there being a lottery. Surprisingly, the lottery focuses on identifying a villager who will be stoned. The lack of appropriate moral values in the society is shocking since in which society does a parent get stoned by fellow members of the community including children. A disgrace in the exercising of the villagers is hence evident, and it is displeasing since it passes across a message of violence enhancement among readers. By stoning Tessie Hutchinson by the villagers illustrate that the theme selected was based on violence which implies it is inappropriate.

One is strongly convinced that in any literature, providing teaching on enhancing humanity among readers is one of the key considerations in the development of the literature. It is hence annoying to realize that this particular literature has violence-promoting teaching. It implies that the theme, which is among the key elements in this literature, has been wrongly chosen. Is there any understandable reason as to why should one use a violence related theme? In conclusion, in the development of literature, all of the elements of literature should be considered in order avoiding future misunderstanding on the teachings being passed across to readers.

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