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The taming of the shrew is one of the interesting plays written by William Shakespeare. It is a play written in the early 14th century during the Renaissance period. It is one of the old works of the great literary writer, William Shakespeare. The play sets a cultural life to major characters and events. Various cultural practices are described and how they influence various characters. It is important to note that the prevailing mood and tone in the play will show whether it is a romantic play or not. To determine this in any literary text, it is very important to look at some writing features in the text. Looking at the subject matter or thematic concern will help analyze the question at hand. Going through the entire play, it is very evident that it is a romantic play. To certain that the play is a romantic one, it is very important to focus on some of the major characters that make the plot of the play. The following are the major themes that will assist to answer our question.

First, love is a major factor that shows that two people are involved in a romantic relationship. In an ideal society, this is one thing that cherished since it leads to joining of the two people together. One cannot marry or be in a relationship with the person he or she does not love. In the play we are introduced to Lucentio and Petruchio. These are the two gentlemen who want to marry two sisters, Bianca and Katherine. In the play, Katherine is the eldest daughter followed by Bianca. In this case, culture dictates that the eldest daughter is married before the younger one. Because of love, Petruchio is so determined to marry Katherine despite the fact that she is rude and has bad characters. Romantically, he is ready to take her and change her behavior. This is because she is the person he loves. These scenarios from the play indicate that it is very romantic.

On Katherines wedding day, Petruchio comes late. In this, we can interpret that it was love that made Katherine wait that long. He arrives at the wedding dressed in an absurd manner. Even though this irritates bride, she still is ready to marry him. The wedding is perceived to be a very romantic event which includes love and romance. Considering this, it answers the question at hand. On this colorful day, love is heightening when Tranio comes up with a plan to help Lecentio win the love of Bianca.

Another scenario where we can use to prove that the play is romantic is in the case of Hortensio. From the play, we are told that he has been in love with Bianca though she has not been in love with him. He came to loose hop at a point where he saw Bianca and Lucentio kissing. This action is always a show of romance and love between two lovers. He gives up on her because he noticed that she had no interest in him. Hortensio giving up, on the other hand, is a clear indication that love is something that cannot be forced. It should be mutual and therefore if one party is not interested, then it cannot stand.

The second thematic concern that helps ascertain that the play is romantic is courtship. This is the duration over which a couple takes to strengthen and confirm their romantic relationship. This is a very important period in the life of two people who want to get married. This is because it helps partners understand themselves better and learn each other's behaviors. It is also a period that will make one confirm that the love they share is real and they can proceed and therefore they can proceed to marriage. At this point, it is always recommended that when the partner find out that there are serious obstacles that affect their relationship, they are advised to call off. But if those obstacles can be overcome then they are corrected. This is very evident in the case of Katherine. We are told that Katherine's behavior in the past was not pleasing, but her husband was ready to tame her because of love. From the play, there are series of courtships. Even though this period of courtship takes long, characters from the play are very patient and ready to wait for each other. This is a clear indication that love exists.

Lecentio is in courtship with Bianca. They are in love and want to be married in future. The courtship period takes a bit long because of the tradition, but they don't give up on each other. Bianca is the second born after Katherine. According to their tradition and demands of the culture, Katherine has to be married first before Bianca. This, therefore, means that the younger sister has to wait until the first one is married. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Lecentio is ready to wait until Katherine is married. Before Katherine is married, she also involves in courtship with her future husband Petruchio until they are married. Even after the marriage between Katherine and Petruchio, Bianca and Lecentio continued with the courtship for a while until they were finally married. During the period of courtship, their love is not affected in any way. They continued loving each other unconditionally. This is a contributor that the play is a romantic one. Courtship, therefore, is very important in the life of people who have a serious relationship and would want to get married.

Lastly, marriage as a theme in the play is also an indicator that the play is a romantic one. This is a formal union between two people as partners who have been in a relationship and have courted for a while. Marriage is the last stage of courtship. Partners first meet, fall in love, gets into a relationship, gets into courtship and finally get married. The event that leads to married should, therefore, be a romantic one. For the two people to be married, they must have trusted, learned and is sure that they are indeed good partners.

From the play, William Shakespeare outlines a series of marriages. These marriages are all as a result of the love that has existed between the partners. These marriages are colorful and depict a romantic love between the partners. First, we are introduced to the marriage between Petruchio and Katherine. The atmosphere of love prevails during their wedding day. They are happily married and are wished well by many people who attended the ceremony. It is also from that wedding where the love between Bianca and Lecentio in heightened. Even after the wedding, the play revisits their lives and the outcome is that love between them still prevail. Another instance of marriage is between Lecentio and Bianca. These are two partners that have been described by the unfolding events that love each other. Even though their relationship has been affected by some cultural issues, they didn't give up on each other. During their courtship, they are seen as romantic partners. At one point they were found kissing each other with a lot of love. Their wedding is very colorful and full of love. After the wedding, they had a bouquet of celebration which is attended by many people including Katherine and the husband. All these marriages describe a romantic atmosphere that is brought by the lovers. Even after the wedding ceremonies, the partners continued living in love. This, therefore, concludes that the play is a romantic one.

In conclusion, it is important to carefully read and analyses a literary work to ascertain whether it is romantic or not. As discussed above, there are key factors that should be considered before making any conclusion. As one reads the play, first and foremost the attention should be given to the tone and mood. In our case, the tone and mood depict romantic love which answers our question. The second most important issue is to consider the thematic concern. The direction of the subject matter will indicate whether it is a romantic play or not. In the play by William Shakespeare, dwells majorly on love, courtship, and marriage. Events that are covered by romance.

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