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What is the movie about? Briefly explain and how does it correlate to the lecture?

Hail Caesar is a movie that was written, produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. It is a fictional story that follows the real life of one of the leading cast member Josh Brolin as he works in the Hollywood movie industry. Brolin plays the role of a fixer who tries to cover the uncouth behaviors of the cast members from being captured by the press. In Hollywood, he is trying to figure out the disappearance of one of the actors who was rehearsing part of his script behind the scenes all by himself. Brolin is the head of corporeal production at the capitol pictures and often covers his team members from two gossip journalist Thora and Thessaly who are twin sisters. The columnist is eagerly waiting to cover the story of the disappearance of the cast member, but Josh pleads with them to postpone until some other time. He, however, gives them a romance story of in its place. In a different scene of the movie Moran, the synchronized swimming actress becomes pregnant while still unmarried and Josh arranges for the baby to be put to a foster care without Moran revealing that she is the mother. However, the actress eventually marries Silverman whom the studio uses to solve public problems towards the end of the movie. The lecture explains the acquisition strategy that is used by Hollywood to maintain its popularity and increasing its share in the market through expansion besides it explains the challenges the production companies movie go though from the tough regulations of the government.

Why is Hail Caesar known as Film in a film as regarded by the lecture?

It is referred to as film in a film because the movie is acted in the setting of another movie where the actors and actresses are seen performing in another cast. They are movie cast members in a fictitious film as shown in the real movie show. The lecture expounds on the aspect of the film in a film as seen in the movie produced by capitol pictures within the movie produced by Hollywood productions.

What is the moral lesson of the movie as it correlates to the lecture?

The moral lesson of the movie is to make the columnist learn that the movie stars are also human and they need to have their private space. It necessitates the need to be covered from the press who are always eager to dig into private lives of the movie stars. Besides the lecture helps in understanding the setting as done by the Coen brothers who are Jewish and have mixed the different aspects of religions in their writing of the script.

What message do the reading on scandals and swords pass about the movie Hail Caesar?

The reading nuances a clear picture of the life of the Cast member Josh Brolin whose real name is Mannix. He is playing the role of protecting the privacy of the cast members in Hollywood where he worked. The reading depicts that if not for the crucial role played by people like Mannix the screens could be full of issues surrounding illicit drugs, dirty politics sex escapades. It also indicates that Mannix is a curtain between reality and the lives the life at the screens.

What is the relationship between the reading the congressional hearings of October 1947 and the movie Hail Caesar

The movie has been produced by Hollywood that has had cases with the government that is trying to silence it from portraying the reality of the moral decadence in the politics through movies. It is because of the bold and firm decision that the Hollywood executives took during the last days of 1940s that the movie production house is still in existence otherwise it would have shut down by the government. It, therefore, laid a foundation for the movies such as Hail Caesar to be produced.

What message do the studio and conglomerate Hollywood and the movie Hail Caesar recording give

The reading and the movie depicts how the system of acquisition and mergers worked within the film industry where some producers were also most driven out of business through conglomerates between the competitors at their level and the enormous Hollywood. It also explores the system through which Hollywood used to control the movie industry.

It is important to note that the lecture and the readings critically examine the opportunities, roles and the challenges faced by the super producer Hollywood. It revisits the court cases that it has had since the 1940s and the battle it has had with the government that felt its nakedness is being revealed by Hollywood. The items further touch on the crucial role played by Mannix in Hollywood to protect the private life of the actors from the gossips of the columnists. It nuances a clear picture of the survival tactics of the Hollywood production company. Besides, it explores the ways through which the company uses to retain its lions share in the production industry. It touches on conglomerating as the main feature used by Hollywood to survive.

It is worth noting therefore that the Hollywood production faces a lot of challenges in every issue that they touch in their movie shows concerning the government. Besides, it has a crucial role in protecting its cast members from being followed into the private life by the press. It can be seen that regardless of the active court systems that the government used to shut down the movie producer it remained adamant and deaf to the threat from the government


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