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Museum facilities include educational facilities, cultural facilities among others. It has always been important to maintain and take good care of the Museum facilities for reference by the future generation and the protection of cultural heritage. This information has been well analyzed and discussed in the handbook by both Johnson V.E and Horgan J.C. in their article; their main focus involves the storage mechanisms among security and the retrieval of the facilities. They have based their citations within the 20th Century. This is clear throughout their references. Therefore, this has offered intensive and closely tied data about their research. Their contribution is mostly based on the protection of cultural heritage. Their article was first published in the year 1979 by UNESCO. It was printed by the Union Typographique. It was mainly printed in Paris, France. It is mainly focused on the composition and storage mechanisms of Museum collection. They have mainly discussed the planning methods, access and retrieval mechanisms of these facilities, their security, conservation and the storage systems involved.

It is also clear in the handbook that most of the research and the data is independent in that, both Verner Johnson and Joanne Horgan took full part and attention in writing the handbook. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) participated in the publishing, which was their main contribution in making the handbook. The origin of the idea of making their handbook began through their meetings for instance held in Washington D.C, which advocated that there was a need for this handbook. The conference was sponsored by UNESCO. Therefore, the handbook was developed through various meetings and conferences including one held in Cologne in the Federal Republic of Germany. In this meetings, Verner Johnson had been participating and getting concerned intensively. This is because he carried out research and had skills in Museum planning, design and research. In general, this implies that both the authors have enough skills in this profession had hence offered the best information in the handbook.

Basing their work from different psychological authors, they have discussed all the different facilities and how they can best be stored and accessed. They have also clarified and specified storage for different items, the fragile ones, for instance, and other important Museum facilities. The body of the article purely and intensively defines all the planning methods required, their storage and access, their security system required to make sure that they are all safe, and the conservation methods. Of more importance, is the storage system for these items, which they have clearly defined. This research is mostly based in France and other states like Germany and Holland among others. They have gathered intensive authors and their relevant data. Therefore, the article is written from a widely intensified region, where authors and information materials are available.

Lastly, the data contained in this article is very valid.It has been extracted from various psychological authors and longtime experience. Both authors have extensive skills and experience in their field. For instance, Verner Johnson has specialization in Museum Planning, design and research with an experience of more than sixteen years. Therefore, it is guaranteed that they have the best information, which involves explanation using diagrammatic representations to bring out their information clearly. It explores all the storage methods of Museum facilities, security among others. The information from different authors is well laid. The most interesting are the diagrammatic representations of various facilities and storage systems. In general, both Verner Johnson and Joanne Horgan have explored the Museum facilities extensively.


Work cited

Johnson, V.E., and Horgan, J.C. Museum Collection Storage, Published in (1979) by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,7 Place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris, Printed by Union Typographique, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (France) (92-3- 10 1632-6) (


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