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What the nicknames are associated with Louis Armstrong?

Louis Armstrong whose profession is a musician is best recognized as one of the most influential people in the jazz music history. He had a lot of nicknames when he was young that denoted his wide mouth. Satchel mouth was one of them which was later shortened to Satchmo when he visited England. Other names were pops, satch, ambassador satch, and dipper mouth. His career in jazz lasted for five decades. He was an initial inspiration in jazz, and he shifted the attention of the music from joint managing to a solo concert. He was also an influential singer due to his rapidly familiar singing.

What is his second wife's name? Why is she important?

His second wifes name was Lil Harding Armstrong. She was a jazz singer, pianist, composer and a bandleader. She worked together with Louis Armstrong on many soundtracks. Thus, she was very influential in developing and promoting Mr. Armstrongs profession. She supported part of Louis Armstrongs hot sevens and hot fives recordings. She advised him to advance his newer style, and she encouraged him to perform classical music in church performances, this enabled to grow his ability and progress his solo performance. She also familiarized him in putting on more fashionable clothing to make him look decent. Her impact eventually destabilized Armstrongs connection with his counselor particularly regarding his income and other money that Oliver detained from her husband and other associates of the crew.

What are in New Orleans did he grow up in? Why is it important?

Louis Armstrong grew up in New Orleans in a deprived part of the Louisiana city that was so rough, and as a boy, life was so hard for him. He lived with his grandmother or his uncle most the time since his father wasn't around and his mother couldn't take care of him. As a result, Armstrong dropped out of school and started singing on streets to make a living. He trained himself how to play the cornet by paying close attention to developing music act that happened in the city dance halls and saloons. In this city is where he learned music, this happened when he got referred to the New Orleans home of colored waifs for firing into the air using a gun on the New Years Eve. Here he joined a music band, and after his release, he instantly began dreaming of music production.What is punch and bounce in his sound? How does it connect to the age of swing?

The punch and bounce in Louis Armstrong sound were due to a heavy drum mode that was famous for bringing dancers on the floor and made the popular music addictive. The bounce and punch sound was a signature to Jazz swing at the time and further made people identify with his unique Jazz swing which became his signature.

Why is kanofsky family important? And which area?

The Kanofsky family played a significant role in his career and life because they took him in and took care of him. The Kanofsky family was the cornerstone of his career having bought Louis Armstrong his first trumpet. From the Kanofsky family trumpet gift, Armstrong quickly taught himself how to play. The Kanofsky family forced Louis into a military marching band where he was able to develop and further polish his skills.


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