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This is a traditional Korean art by Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. It was done during Josean Dynasty, the fifteenth century using white clay. Its height is 21.5cm, and its treasure number is 785. The art is on display in museum 1,3F.This porcelain bottle to me looks like it was beautifully designed because it is eye-catching. The choice of colors makes one desire to have one. The material used to make the product is of high quality.

Detailed Information

This artwork is related to making and painting of Porcelain Kendi which is shown in video documentary by the bamboo canvas. The lip of the bottle is flared exactly like a trumpet, and it has a narrow neck and round body. This is designed by using hands to make the clay to be round and trimming excess clay so as to make it smooth. The dragon used deep cobalt blue pigment with is shown in the clouds playing with a talisman-pearl which contains whiskers fluttering in the wind and sharp claws. The cobalt used is unique like that which is employed in the bamboo canvas where it is mixed with clear gaze before botanical details added to make the bottle attractive.

The bottle is done by a professional court painter due to its quality of the painting. The bottle is believed to have been used as a wine decanter for banquets at a royal court. The artist seems to have aimed at something when designing this bottle. The use of unique style where it is elegant and clean depicted discipline and dignity. He wanted to show that things in the society should me made clean as well as done in order. In socio-politically, the artist demonstrated that local materials which are cheap and easily accessible could be used to make simple and very costly artifacts which generate income. The art artistically aimed at capturing the beauty and in some cases the emotion of the viewers.

This traditional porcelain bottle led to various modifications done by the modern artist because they were motivated by its design and techniques. However, modern art has used new technologies in creating their artifacts.

Making of Celadon Ink Stone

Artist: Unknown

Museum: Leeum Museums

Title: Celadon Ink Stone

Period: Goryeo Dynasty

Date: 1181

Culture: Korean

Medium: clay

Dimensions: 2.9cm of height

Source of the image: @Leeum museum

The image shows a traditional art by Leeum museum which is on display in treasure number 1,4F. I chose the art because it is so gorgeous and stylish. Its use of colors makes it marvelous and can attract people to buy it. According to the museum, the ink stone is exquisite and is very valuable because of its dated inscription.

Detailed Information

The way the stone is made is almost same as techniques used to make the Korean tiles as shown in the video documentary by bamboo canvas. The clay is molded so as to produce a rectangular slab which has a peony scrolls inlaid in a white and black slip on both sides. It also designed to have chrysanthemum scrolls on the front side and clouds at the back side. The rim contains an incised band of frets and chrysanthemum spray which is engraved on the section of the inner space that is elevated.

The art also is designed in such a way that the greenish-blue gaze is made to be transparent and is crackled. The indented base is unglazed and contains white inlaid Chinese characters. The artist used certain specific Chinese characters in the art so as to pass a message which was used way back in the tenth day of May in the sinchuk year. In socio-politically, the artist aimed at showing how cheap traditional materials were used to create lovely models and challenged people to make use of available resources through innovations. It was designed artistically through the use of colors and shape to show how beauty can be achieved using simple available materials.

This traditional art paved the way for modern artistic works because it made the new artists creative and expanded their thinking on how to make simple but highly attractive arts.


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