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Fifth art done during the period of First World War was Oppy Wood Evening which was done by John Nash. The art shows the effects of war and the destruction that results from the same. The trees that have dried up elaborate the effects that bombings had on the environment although the bright color of the blue sky is hints of hope to the victims of World War One. John Nash, the artist behind the art, was an infantryman and had various experiences on the Western Front. His service as an infantryman is evident in the 1/28th Battalion The London Regiment. He had no formal training as an artist but only learn to be one by thorough canvassing by his brother Paul. He based his arts on the experience he had in the trench life. The art shows the effect of war, and it is apparent from the art that it led to the destruction of the environment and great drought. Moreover, the art led to distrust between countries which is shown in the way the two soldiers survey the No Mans Land for a possible invasion by enemies. However, the bright blue sky shows signs of hope to the soldiers at the end of First World War in 1919 when the art was done.

The arts that were done during the First World War played a critical role in the preservation of events and activities that took place during the time. In addition to their role in the dissemination of information to the society and relating the same to the future generation, they served to further literary skill in the which are greatly employed in various sectors of the society. As such, there is a need to maintain the same spirit and encourage the artists to use their talents in educating and enlightening the society. There is a critical duty that the arts tend to do, and which is expressive criticism and the same is apparent the manner in which they create great contrasts between the events in the First World War and the expectations of the people. In all the arts, the general information that is spread is the devastating effects of war and serves to implore audience of the same to advocate against cases and events of wars to prevent loss of lives and destruction of the society and the environment as a whole.

In all the arts, there is an essence of contextual criticism which furthers the idea of destruction pertinent to war and violence in the society thereby leading to the sensitization of the society about the element of restriction that is pertinent in every event of war. The arts were done by different artists, and in different countries thereby furthering the fact that wars have a common damaging effect regardless of preparedness of militaries of respective countries. The arts serve to advise the future generation to learn from the past and discourage any war and maintain peace and resilience.


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