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Bob Marley transitions the song Three Little Birds from positive words to form a narrative. He employs soft imagery, comprehensive viewpoint, and a perfect tone to relay the message that there is no cause for worry. It is captured in the line every little thing gonna be all right. The focus of the whole song is on positivity. Also, imagery has been used to present a picture of the happenings in the song.

The next set of lyrics is shown in the form of a narrative. Furthermore, the listener can imagine the use of imagery like Three little birds/sit on my door step." It is attributed to the choice of wording. In this song, the imagery could be presented as soft and relaxing for instance as seen in the line "Smile with the rising sun, three little birds, sit on my door step, singing sweet songs. These are real lyrics as the listener could picture birds singing with the rising of the sun. The majority of the lyrics employ imagery. It is due to the choice of words and the manner in which the singer sings the lyrics. The important role of imagery is not in dispute because of the positive lyrics in addition to the happy tone of the song.

Viewpoint has also been used in the song. The words in the preamble include "Rise this morning/Smiled with the rising sun. The narration of the lyrics occurs in a story form, and this makes the song easier and intriguing and also understandable. By using viewpoint, the song gets better given that the morning is described through the eyes of the listeners and not through someone elses. It becomes an excellent device as applied. The reason is that when listening to the song, one pictures the singer being woken by the sounds of birds of on his doorstep. In the absence of viewpoint, the song would never have been captivating.

An important part of the song is the tone used by the singer. It is a positive tone. Also, it promotes happiness by reiterating that there is nothing to worry about. Looking at the line Cause everything gonna be all right, it becomes easier for the listener to feel the positivity. Nothing negative can be associated with the song. It is due to the tone and the fact that it relays a message of happiness. Choice of words helps with the tone given that they have to do with being happy and not focusing on their worries. This device serves a significant role because, in the absence of tone, it would be tedious listening to the song. Moreover, the song would fail to spark the singer's emotions.

In conclusion, this song is not only intriguing, rather entertaining to listen to given three devices presented above. The tone sets up the song in a positive way and gives a message of happiness. On the other hand, the imagery portrays a picture of the song with the choice of words and how the lyrics are set up. Finally, the viewpoint is just as important given that it helps in telling the listener about events through the eyes of the singer. These devices were perfectly done making this a cool song.

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