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Art, music, films, architecture was heavily influenced by the Nazi ideology from January 1993 when Hitler gained power. Hitler considered himself to be very knowledgeable regarding art. Thus he decided that there were only two forms of art un-German degenerated art whose were of Pablo Picasso and those that presented well about Nazi Germany and the Germans which were classical realistic arts. Therefore, there was a direct relationship established on painting with the Nazi ideology. Moreover, many of the artists who did not fully embrace the Nazi ideology were often alienated from the art industry, and some even flew from Germany.

Hitler preferred romantic artworks. His justification was that a complete work of art should never display distress, anguish or pain. Thus the artworks were expected to be realistic and also heroic. Therefore Hitler believed artists needed to use a lot of color in their painting. The significant of using vibrant colors was to give life to the artworks. Moreover, Hitler wanted the artworks to display the true German spirit. Hitler also approved statuesque blond nudes along with soldiers and landscapes. His rationale was the soldiers were a clear depiction of the German soldier in their first during the war. The landscape pictures were a reflection of the beautiful German landscape. Moreover, Hitler was an artist before he became a politician. His style of art was realistic paintings of landscapes and buildings. However, his works were dismissed by the art establishment in favor of the modern techniques and abstract.

Hitler despised the other side of German art that depicted modernism. Hitler did not like modern, non-representational and abstract artworks. He noted, these forms of arts were degenerated and did not give a clear depiction of the German spirit. Moreover, Hitler hated abstract works so much as he felt the artists did not invest adequately in the artwork. Therefore, the art was abandoned without a clear depiction of intent. Hitler also hated modernism artworks as he felt they were a lost course given they did not provide an explicit representation of the German struggles and accomplishment in their right context. Furthermore, Hitler noted this form of artwork was ridiculous and seemed outlandish.

Hitler made sure the people felt his disapproval where he held the Degenerated Art Exhibition. First, the exhibition was organized so that he could mock the modern artists. Second, he wanted to demonstrate to the people how some artists were plotting evil against the German people. Third, the exhibition was organized to take revenge on the artists and showcase their failures. His intention for the presentation was to attract negative feedback from the general public. Therefore, the arts were hung askew; there were griffins on the wall he made sure the people could refer to the artwork as the cheap stuff. Some artists flew from German to other countries so that they would be able to perform free art without any restriction.

Art had a significant impact on Hitler ruling. Given he was an artist before he became a politician, the painting was already important to him. Hitler political motivation was zeroed on the Ideology traditional Germany way of livelihood. He figured there was no other place as beautiful as German landscapes. Hitler was a soldier, and when the War was lost by the Germans briefly, he retracted to the solders to appreciate them for their bravery. Moreover, Hitler genuinely believed the Jews were entirely responsible for the Germans post-war troubles that gave him a lot of problems. Conclusively, Hitler was a mighty political leader and an influential critic of art.


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