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An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is recognized as one the anthologized and frequently famous stories in the literature of America authored by Ambrose Bierce an, American civil war soldier and writer. The story was produced by Marcel Ichac and directed by Robert Enrico and the music being managed by Henri Lanoe. An Occurrence at Owl Cree Bridge by Ambrose Bierce is one of the short stories that is regarded to be having an interesting and unique plot twist. Ambrose who is the narrator make use of time as one of the significant means when it comes to manipulating the perspective of the reader. Basically, in the story, time is defined by a nonspatial continuum in which events are taking place, and this is happening in succession which is irreversible. Through time distortion of the continuous forward motion, time is viewed to be disrupting reality as a perception. During the time when the reader is not able to bring the difference between the actual reality; another character judgment is in this place coming into question with time disruption allowing motion of events to take place.

In an occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge shows a unique representation that that is forcing the reader to bring into question, the assumption raised about the character of Farquhar Peyton. Before some moments before his death, Peyton experiences a miraculous escape with a sudden snap back to the present reality with the reader being left wondering the impact the situation has on reality and the nature of time. Through the description of the story and a specific timeline, the narrator description is viewed to be tangible with the story setting a specific timeline for the whole story to take place and through reading the story, the reader can identify a historical timeline for the story to take place. For one who is a slave owner and other various slave owners, as a politician in his state, he was in its state an original ardently and secessionist devoted to the southern cause. On the other hand, the setting of the story is made during the civil war in the south a with Ambrose Bierce making use of the specific period as an approach to building the perception of the reader of not only the character of Peyton but also the situation. Through identifying Peyton as a politician,original secessionist and a slave owner, the reader can make emphasis on the situation of Farquhars Peyton. It possible for the reader to stay with the belief that being one who is devoted to the southern cause, the man who was involved in being hanged in the civil war is justifiable in this case. The descriptive language used in this situation describe Farquhar Peyton during this specific time in history as one who is emotionally strong and one who can manipulate the perception while creating suspense and unity in the whole story.

Throughout the story, Ambrose Bierce brings out a continuous foreshadows on the Peyton Farquhar's upcoming death and the whole process of time disruption. On the other hand, Peyton reality began to show distortion on the moments that resulted to his hanging. Through his behaviors and the general reactions, he started to be conscious of the new disturbance that was cropping up; he could experience a disturbing sound, which in his position he was not able to understand nor even ignore.It is identified as a distinct, sharp metallic percussion like the blacksmith hammer stroke upon the anvil.

In every society, death is and has been a reality that every individual is supposed to take. In the sense that he is going to die brutally, Peyton Farquhar is left to be reminiscent of his home and his wife. This is expressed in those moments when he was closing his eyes to fix his last thoughts upon his children and wife. Thoughts on if he could free my hands, then I might through off the spring and the nose into the scream. Until this point in the story, the flow shows that the narration of Ambrose Bierce was able to maintain an objectivity which is steadfast.upt to this level; the narration was able to demonstrate an emotion-laden with the reader starting to experience terror and pain to come from facing death through such means.

Initially, the serious assumption is raised about Peyton character with the factual description provided the allowance that the reader to sympathize with Farquhars character. However, through the second section of the story, the reader is provided with a chance to see how the events are unfolding, with the reader starting to sympathize with the character

In the story, repetition allows the story to be understood on a various level by the reader. One of the interesting fact about repetition in the story is through various flashbacks and different point of view, that author can come up with the story that is making sense and is easily understood. Additionally, the setting and the scope of the story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge bring different changes at different times and through this symbolism and irony is found out in the whole story.

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