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The Starry Night is a piece of art in the form of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. He was a Dutch artist known for his major contributions in post-impressionist art. The painting is regarded as one of his finest work and is now permanently kept in New York at the Modern Art Museum. The Starry Night is representative of post impressionists which is characterized by high levels of focus on aspects of symbolisms as well as other qualities of abstract art. It is also associated with the vivid use of color a distorted expression of painting and the depiction of real life subject matters. The painting depicts the view of the asylum from where he resided and showed the view just before sunrise. It also describes an ideal village as an addition to the view from the window of the asylum. The painting represents the captivating use of color and composition that explores both physical and emotional sense of awe about a depiction of art (Parys, 19).

It accounts for a point in the life of Van Goghs life that was filled with dark moments. He had experienced a mental breakdown, and it forced him to seek residence in the asylum that later on inspired some of his best works including the Starry night. The painting represents his view associated with a window overlooking the country. The painting is a geometrical masterpiece that combines aspects of ascension from the left towards the right in combinations of the use of circular winds that together create a very captivating piece of art. It is a combination of both intellectual as well as artistic representation of art that portrays both physical and emotional aspects of the artist and his perspective of the world at a shallow moment of his life (HUMAIRAH, 21).

The starry night can be said to be a piece of art full of aesthetic satisfaction. It is highly associated with contrast that is easy for the eyes to catch. Contacts can be seen in the art in the form of both vertical and horizontal lines represented by the different strokes made by the painter. The assertion from left to right is also useful in creating contrast in the painting, and this makes it very attractive to contemporary art lovers. The contrast has mostly been used to represents objects in the painting such as the cypress trees as well as the nature of the sky. The contrast of colors is also substantially represented in the painting (PUCHKO, 56).

The use of diverse colors to epitomize the sky and the town has been active in the success of the painting. The beauty of the painting is relative to many aspects. It is a painting that is way ahead of its time because it depicts several aspects of abstract art despite the fact that abstract art had been developed until later in the next century. This, therefore, shows a genius approach to the development of art that set the way for many others to come. About history, the painting is a representation of post-impressionist period characterized by the vivid use of color for the depiction of art. It puts a lot of focus on natural representations of both color and light. The paint represents the night time just before sunrise, and this is representatives of the peak of dreaming time. The sky is represented using high levels of activity depicted using a large number of heavenly bodies (Gogh, 37).

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