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Critically analyzing the two Sitcoms that is all in the Family and Lessons of citizenship, it is clear that the two sitcoms were broadcasted in different decades and time. All in the family looks more current than the Lessons in Citizenship and the events which it captures they are so easy to identify with. The background shoot out represents the technology of the recent past, and one can easy tell that it is not decades ago since the shootout happened. Lessons on Citizenship, on the other hand, its sitcom which you can only identify with centuries ago hence that mean one has to be old enough to say I know the times it was broadcasted. All in all the two shootouts carry a message of a decade, and they teach generations different aspects surrounding this current generation. Though the ideas are brought in an entertaining manner, a scholar will grasp something in the course of the watching. There fundamental social issues which have been brought to limelight by the two sitcoms. The society has been for a long time been surrounded by issues to do with community service and politicians who are very selfish and want to satisfy their selfish ambitions at the expense of the society. These among other issues are covered in these two sitcoms. The essay will try to bring out the similarities as well as differences between these two sitcoms. It will also show the relevance of the two sitcoms in our current social setups.

These two sitcoms though having been broadcasted at different times have many similarities. First and foremost, one thing which you note watching the two sitcoms is that their themes are being brought up from a family set up. The setting is inside the family and the issues covered are developed with the families. The two sitcoms bring out the role of a father in a family. Everything is centered on the father figure. I like the sitcom on the lesson on citizenship which brings out Jim Anderson as a lecturer to his kids. He finds them just idling when their mother wants them to undertake several household duties. He explains them on the responsibilities ahead of them and shows them the need of hard work as they grow up to be good citizens. He compels them to be ready to volunteer in different occasions as good citizens do so. George, on the other hand, is at first place not ready to sign the Archie petition and his son is so mad on his action, but as an old man, he seems to have a lot of wisdom. His son goes ahead to accuse him of being a racist but in this case the accusation does not hold water; because later on, we find out that Archie is somebody who cannot be trusted and ends up blackmailing George after they make that dealing other words the two father roles are brought up in this two comedic sitcoms .The old men seem to have enough wisdom that the young will always look upon. They portray their dynamism and a well fitting in the society. They dont jump into conclusions but their actions are in a more big way they depict wisdom. Both of the sitcoms are set up within two family setups where one of the families is taking advantage of them.

The two sitcoms also carry out several differences. First George is fathering a mature family, unlike Anderson who is fathering young children. Anderson family is full innocent children who are full of naivety .some of their action show a lot of naivety. For instance when her youngest daughter takes his best suit to her teacher through a volunteer program being brought forth. I cant stop laughing at her action; the action shows an actual applicability of the lessons; she received from his father though it is very pathetic how his father lessons were received in vain by his children. His son arranges to volunteer his dad, the whole clip having so much to show how his kids were doing things out of naivety. They are always bringing trouble to his father. Looking on George sitcom his son seems to be a grown up, but his wisdom betrays him. He seemed at first to be in total disagreement with his father whom he takes him to be just an old folk full of old ideas. At the end of the episode, he comes to terms with his father after what I could term as a losing battle she was fighting was lost already. The broadcast surrounding Anderson sitcom is one of the old technology, and the picture is not bright enough showing the different time periods the casting might have taken place. George sitcom, on the other hand, seems to be more current and the events surrounding are brought out in a brighter background. The two clips though having been broadcasted at different times they are still relevant to the current generation.

The sitcoms bring out important social issues in the contemporary society. Lessons on Citizenship teaches on working for the common good of one another as members of the same community. It implies the importance of giving out ourselves cheerfully without complaining. It implies how somebody should be ready to do anything for the other person without complaining. It furthermore shows how we should value others instead of being a selfish oriented person who only values our being only. It shows the importance of hard work and being ready to sacrifice for ones nation. It instills some level of responsibility for the young generation as most of the lessons being brought out a touch on the young people. In the family, on the other hand, bring out the aspect of selfishness among people especially leaders. Archie seems to pursue self-ambition at the expense of everyone else. He is a politician who is not ready to deliver on any of the promises. Everything he pursues seems to be geared towards benefiting him and his family. He does not have any virtue of a right person, and he uses treachery to drive out his self-ambitions. The other issue covered in this sitcom is the perspective of racial discrimination. George son complains to him that he is behaving in a harsh manner to Archie because he is a black person. It seems the society has witnessed several occasion of incidents which in one way or the other carry some weight of racial segregation.

As I conclude, I would say that these two sitcoms represent the time of their broadcast and the issue they are teaching are real social problems in our society today.

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