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In the article What Kinds of Kids Read Comics? the author Kat Kan begins by discussing the habit of reading comics by Children. In this regard, the author mentions that it is common among almost all kinds of kids, to read comics of their choices. These comics tend to range from graphic novels to those comics that are related to superheroes. This being said, the author gives an account of her experience with the following kinds of kids and the kind of readings they like.

Firstly, giving a brief account of her life, Kan explores the eager readers. As a young child living in Japan, the author narrates how her great love for reading began with her being an avid reader. This being said, at a very young age, she developed her reading skills through reading numerous books, articles, and novels, including comic books. As an eager reader, Kans love for comic readings was enhanced as she continued to ask her parents to buy her more books. For this reason, the author became an excellent English student through elementary school to high school to her current career as a librarian working with both children and teens.

Secondly, Kan tells a tale of her two sons, who having grown up with comics in the house, are great coming lovers. Besides, Kan gives an account of her life in the early 1990s when she worked as a young adult librarian at the Aiea Public Library. During this time, she made a collection of superhero comics which she used a primary means to attract more teen boys into the library she was working in, and most importantly, lure them into reading. Besides, it is during this time that Kan made it aware to the girls that it was okay for them to read superhero comics and that they were not only meant for the boys.

In the same vein, just as other kinds of kids, Kan contends that kids who learn English as their second language best benefit from graphic novels and books. In a similar regard, Kan gives an account of a struggling kid, who from her disability, had developed a negative attitude towards reading. However, her negative perception was changed when her uncle introduced to her a graphic novel, which in turn grew into her desire to even read more books. Finally, based on her youngest sons experience, Kan contends that comic and graphic novel adaptation books resonate best with kids who do not like books.

In a nutshell, based on the above-discussed experiences with different kinds of kids, Kan concludes that although the format of the comic readings may not appeal to every other kid, all kinds of kids, whether girls or boys, struggling or eager readers, like to read comic books. Besides, kids always have the chance to choose which genre of comics resonates best with them since a majority of the school libraries have different genres of comics available for them. In conclusive remarks, the author gives a brief account of the various things that kids are attracted to in their daily readings. This maybe the colorful art, fewer words in the page, or even great stories on overall. This aside, comics have proven to be great promoters of reading especially for those kids who read for fun.

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