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The movie captures the contributions of the Black regiment and Colonel Robert Shaw during World War II. The film casts the 54th regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which comprised of Black soldiers. Glory has won several awards in cinematography, score, acting, supporting actor, and sound. The director showcases Robert Shaw, who takes a central role in the war after the Emancipation Proclamation. Robert Shaw and Cabot Forbes lead a group of ex-slaves including a Denzel Washington (Trip) who is a runaway slave. The Union Army practices racism which makes it almost impossible for the black officers to prove their competence in the army.

I believe that Glory is one of the most outstanding action films that I have ever watched. In particular, I am impressed by Trips role in the movie. He performs his role effective by providing the emotional power and intensity required in some of the scenes. The director, Edward Zwick , manages to deliver his main message in a unique fashion. For instance, he casts the rituals and customs that the Black soldiers performed during the war such as singing and praying near a fire camp. However, I think that the central theme about the movie concerns the triumph of the Black soldiers against racism. The characters transcend the vice of racism through their acts of courage, self-respect, and valor.

The movie is fit for individuals over 14 years, as some of the scenes might be too intense for kids. The movie depicts a period in which the White American soldiers believed that their Black American counterparts could not serve well with dignity and pride in the military. With the aim of countering the belief, Robert engages in mission to fight the corrupt establishments. In addition, he intends to diminish the unnecessary bureaucratic processes in the military to prove that the Black regiment can play its role in the army. Notably, during the civil war, the Black soldiers faced racial prejudice from the North and South; thus, were unable to succeed in the military. Due to their persistence and determination during turbulent times, President Lincoln proposed the need to recruit additional Black regiment soldiers. In fact, it appears that the army helped in ending the civil war that affected various sectors of the American economy.

Apart from Kelvin Jarres, Virgin Records adds value to the movie through the soundtrack, which the company created in 1990. Moreover, James Horner orchestrated the score in conjunction with the Boys Choir of Harlem. Later on, Jim Henrikson worked as the music editor while Shawn Murphy organized the score. In my opinion, the producers and the director exhibit masterly in their particular fields because they help in creating an outstanding movie. For instance, Jarres blends well with the cinematographer, especially when the actions scenes are involved. The intensity of the sound increases during the scenes; thus, improving the experience of the audience. Moreover, Broderick presents Shaw in an accurate manner throughout the film. Undoubtedly, Shaw would express a certain level of self-doubt and unbelief because he is a young man leading the first group of regiments. Although the movie is silent about his abolitionist approach, Shaw is courageous enough to handle the task and to display bravery.

Importantly, I think that the movie is credible based on the way in which the director captures historical elements. For instance, the costumes and the camps are similar to the ones during the civil war. However, the Glory does not clearly express the dimensions of the main characters. Nevertheless, the shortcoming is overcome by the accurate representation and outstanding performances by the actors. I believe the didactic theme, the life of the soldiers during civil war, appeals to the large majority of the audiences. Also, some of the failures in the movie are complemented by the superior score and sound. Brodericks attention to details such as art and costumes is an added advantage to his work. At the climax level, the director uses tracking shots to make a stunning effect that attracts young people.

Furthermore, the use of the boys choir and incorporation of Horners music is an attempt by Zwick to win the attention of the contemporary viewers. Compared with other movies that focused on shallow characterization such as Rambo II, Glory is authentic because the characters present almost the real experiences experienced during civil war. What is more, Zwick covers the theme of triumph perfectly at the climax. Although critics demonstrate that Brodericks choices were out of touch with reality, they neglect the fact that the director intended to trigger a fresh memory about civil war and to prompt the current viewers to research more about it.

In conclusion, Brodericks effort in creating the Glory movie is commendable because it educates the audience about the All-African American regiment that played a pivotal role in ending civil war. The movie casts unique cinematography and visual representations that enhance the experience of the viewers. Also, the sound, score, and music align with the work of the director. I believe that Glory is important today and even for the future generations. Therefore, teenagers and young adults should allocate time and watch it.


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