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Working in Singapore has been made unique due to the number of different cultures that are found in industrial sectors and other production industries. There is a diverse culture in MNC and other cosmopolitan in Singapore. There are various positive and negative impacts of having a diversified culture in this country, especially in the production sectors. In this essay, we shall discuss personal thoughts on diversified culture as well as impacts of migration on knowledge of workers as referenced in Singapore.

Cultural diversity has led to communication using different styles since people who are interacting with these areas varies widely and comes from various backgrounds (Friedman, 2000). This leads to an exchange of ideas and improvement of skills and competency is acquired by most of the workers. There are also different ways of handling conflicts from these workers leading to harmony establishment in the working areas.

In Singapore, people from different cultures can approach certain tasks using different methods which contribute to efficiency and effectiveness at the place of work. There is a combination of Asians and Hispanic cultures leading to developing relationships at the beginning of all the shared projects. There are also Americans who come up with their ideas of performing a task with a different approach which contributes to coordination and learning of new skills in the working industries. This is as a result of globalization which has helped Singapore to shift from developing nation to one of the developed countries in the last few decades (Mohammad, 2002).

Diversified culture also has adverse effects to the Singaporeans; such include copying of bad western cultures that demotes their moral values. Clothing in an indecent manner and exposing some body parts is a bad influence to Singaporeans. This accelerates cases of immorality where more reports of rape issues are made (Mittelman J. H., 2000). Diversified cultures have also changed Singaporeans into other immoralities such as homosexuality and lesbianism through the social media where all sorts of pornographic literature are available.

In conclusion, diversified cultures have contributed to growth and development in Singapore by increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the working industries. Immigration of people into Singapore has led to the borrowing of different ideas and techniques which are implemented in production sectors in the country. There are both economic benefits and adverse effects of using diversified culture and migration in the country. In short, Singapore has benefited from diversified culture and also has acquired negative impacts as illustrated in the discussion above.



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