Research Proposal: The Components Affecting the Sustainability of the Event Management Industry in Australia

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Research proposal
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The current development of festivals and events as an industry around the globe implies that the management of events can never again be underestimated. Events and celebrations largely affect their communities and in some cases, the entire nation. The event business now incorporates events of all sizes starting from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting of a few agents. Numerous businesses, charitable associations, and other gatherings will hold events of some size to advertise themselves, assemble business connections, fund-raise or celebrate (Raj and Musgrave, 2009).

Event management is the utilization of project management for the creation and advancement of celebrations, events, and gatherings. Event management includes contemplating the complexities of the brand, distinguishing the intended interest group, coming up with the events idea, streamlining logistics, organizing the technical angles before the event (Kilkenny, 2011). Despite all these factors, the success or disappointment of event business largely depends on supply chain networks.

There are various purposes of organizing events. Similarly, there are variations in how they are planned. Frequently this assorted variety is established in the socio-cultural setting of the host groups. The political, monetary and mechanical circumstances of the distinctive nations will likewise represent varieties in the frame and capacity of events.

Numerous metropolitan urban areas, for instance, Sydney, London, and New York brag a large group of ethnic celebrations devoted to praising the way of life of the migrant population, music shows and different sorts of amusement which take into account even older participants, reflecting age patterns in the population. Event management in Australia just showed signs of improvement as the business was considered as one of the most effective marketing methods by both big and small associations. Each industry is without a doubt embracing event management and charitable organizations facilitating events to showcase themselves and raise support, celebrate or create business connections. Event management in Canberra covers several managements from coordinate events, corporate accommodation events like honorary awards, film premiers, design shows, and weddings.

Problem statement

Events management in Australia has been dealt with insufficiently, and therefore extremely undesired outcomes have been seen the biggest of them being lack of sustainability. It is due to this that this research looks to discover the factors leading to this. The paper will seek to give recommendations on the effects of these factors and viability of Management firms in guaranteeing that there is sustainability in the event management industry mostly by adding value to supply chain event management systems. Even though it is not entirely possible to remove deviations from plans especially with suppliers in event management, it is important to lessen the adverse effect of the deviations as they happen. This research will, therefore, set up the factors affecting the sustainability of events management firms in Canberra to ensure sustainability in the industry.

Rationale for the research

The motivation behind this research was to establish how the factors hindering sustainability in the event management companies from Australia can be eradicated.

Statement of the research objectives

This study was guided by these goals.

To establish the impact, supply chain management (SCM) has on the sustainability of the event management industry.

To build upon how the level of management skills in the supply chain influences the sustainability of event management.

To ascertain the degree to which access to credit and finances impact the sustainability of the event management industry.

Research Questions

How do supply chain networks impact the sustainability of the event management industry?

How far does the level of management skills in supply chain impact the sustainability of event management?

To what extent does accesses to credit have on the sustainability of the event industry?

Definition of terms


An event can be simply defined as any open social event for individuals for a certain purpose.

Event Planner

Planning an event is the detailed process of arranging a certain occasion. Arranging an event involves planning, setting up dates and substitute dates, choosing and booking the event site, getting grants, and planning transportation and parking space. An event planner or organizer is subsequently a man or association that is burdened with the obligations of arranging an event.

Supply Chain Networks Influence on sustainability of Event Management

Supply chains and supply systems both depict the stream and development of materials and data, by connecting associations together to serve the end-client. 'System' depicts a more mind-boggling structure, where associations can be cross-connected, and there are two-way trade channels between them; 'chain' depicts a more straightforward, consecutive arrangement of connections that all work together to ensure sustainability in the event industry.

Management Skills Influence on Performance of Event Management

Administration in all businesses and sustainability exercises is the process of planning the endeavors of individuals to finish set objectives and goals utilizing the available resources efficiently and successfully. Management involves arranging, sorting out, staffing, driving or coordinating, and controlling an association or efforts to finish an objective.

Access to Credit Facilities Influence on the sustainability of Event Management

Access to fund/credit is the likelihood that people or ventures can get to financial aid, including credit, deposits, installments, insurance, and other risk-management opportunities. They can gain access to these services through the Commercial banks, Micro fund foundations and Government reserves.

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Literature review


This paper aims at determining the components affecting the sustainability of the event management industry in Australia. This review talks about the subject in detail by taking a closer look at the impact of supply chain networks, management skills and credit availability on the sustainability of event management.

Influence of Supply Chain Networks on Performance of Event Management.

Given that it is not conceivable to completely avoid deviations from plans, it is important to lessen the adverse effect on events as they happen. Supply chain event management (SCEM) focuses on the progress of the Supply Chain to discover the deviations from the deviations progressively (Juttner, 2005). Once a deviation has been found, SCEM creates reports and triggers remedial measures. The point is to distinguish and alleviate the effect of these Events promptly before they become hazardous.

Influence of Management Skills in sustainability of Event Management

Two first research source focused on the significance of key supply management skills. The primary source follows a distinct approach to the present status of the supply management tasks. This paper stresses the importance of strategic abilities in forming the supply management work in future (Carter et al., 1996; Giunipero and Pearcy, 2000; Johnson, Leenders, and Fearon, 1998). Notwithstanding, most sources that handled supply management aptitudes from this viewpoint are case studies or theoretical pieces and did not analyze the effect of key supply management skills on firms' sustainability. The other research stream tended to firm-specific key supply management skills as nontransferable and one of a kind resources (Carr and Pearson, 2002; Lepak and Snell, 1999). The theoretical basis of the second research stream depended on a comparable argument to the one utilized as a part of this investigation. Because key supply management abilities are both profitable and one of a kind, they can be seen as center resources that could fill in as a source of sustainability (Zsidisin and Ritchie, 2009). Key supply management aptitudes can help enhance supply management sustainability in some ways. To start with, it offers some benefit in the territory of cost management. Second, it gives the supply management work valuable information concerning supply patterns that will empower the firm to settle on better choices and achieve sustainability. Third, it helps the supply management to build up easy connections where appropriate with suppliers to enhance the product quality and conveyance of materials (Tan, 2001).

For the most part, key supply management abilities empower the supply management capacity to plan techniques that are lined up with the association's key designs and, in this way, improve supply management performance leading to a sustainable event management system.

Access to Credit Facility Influence on Performance of Event Management

Small-scale ventures are usually behind the greater part of the financial change of many economies. They assume a critical part being developed particularly in the developed nations and produce financial advantages across the board. Review studies done in different nations underscore the significance of the little scale event management firms, but they provide income for the main part of low-pay laborers. In Australia, the centrality of the area was found by looking at its commitment to the development of the economy. Australian small-scale ventures is a mixture of independent work outlets including a dynamic exhibit of exercises essentially gathered in urban communities/towns and trading centers in the country regions.

The troubles that SMEs experience can originate from a few sources of their budgetary needs. For instance, the Australian market may contain a small scope of credit services and management, the absence of proper financing components for this situation, where providers of finance may rationally offer a variety of financial management services that leaves many numbers of potential borrowers without access to credit. Such credit proportioning is said to happen if among loan candidates who give off an impression of being indistinguishable get credit while others do not: or there are identifiable masses in the population that can't acquire credit.

Secondary data

Supply chain management (SCM) in the event industry is the management of an interconnected or interlinked system between the channel and an organization. SCM traverses all development and of crude materials, work-in-process stock, and completed products from the purpose of birthplace to the purpose of utilization. Another definition is given by Cross and Mollenkopf (2004) characterize SCM as the outline, arranging, execution, control, and observing of event networking exercises with the target of making net esteem, constructing an aggressive foundation, utilizing overall coordination, synchronizing supply with the demand and measuring sustainability internationally. SCM draws from the regions of operations management, coordination, acquisition, data innovation also, makes progress toward an integrated approach.

Given this point on business markets, Hakansson and Johanson (1992) made a model of business systems, in which they depicted a plan as three interrelated systems of activities, actors, and resources (ARA-display).


The dimensions of the system are basic, particularly while breaking down and dealing with the supply chain. The supply chains in the system appear to be unique from each organization's point of view. Each agency sees and oversees itself as the central organization. As each firm is an individual from the other's inventory network, it is essential to comprehend their interrelated parts and poin...

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