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The minute a client is being engaged actively in treatment in a mental hospital, retention is prioritized. Many impediments at many occasions arise in the course of therapy. For instances, in many times, lapses do occur. Once in a while, most of the clients are unwilling or unable to adhere to the laid down program requirements. In some instances, repeated dropouts and admissions are evident in a mental facility. Clients in most cases complain of conflicting mandates that ascends from the various system of services offered to them. The different orders stem from staff and client relationship, decision-making processes and even setting appropriate boundaries that may arise from the compromise of care. For instance, in my case, I work in the mental health hospital. My client situation is of my patient suffering from schizophrenia and bio psycho. Thus, this study is going to examine a client situation in my area of specialization which is a mental hospital.

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that possesses both long and short term consequences to the individual, society, family, clinical and health services. Most of the patients who suffer from schizophrenia and bio psycho are exposed to long term infirmity and distress. Equally, they are conveyed with prejudice and stigma that stems from people who surround them. The prejudice and stigma may impact negatively the patients even affecting their working relations in case one is being employed, life dissatisfactions and inter relationships that are not desirable. Joe is one of my clients that I encounter daily in my course of disseminating my duties in our mental hospital where I work as an intern. His case of is a concern to me because it fits the definition of mental illness that requires my intervention.

The condition in which Schizophrenia has placed Joe is worsening daily. It has led to profound disruptions of his thinking. It has affected more his language speaking ability. His perceptions and personal self-sense have deteriorated significantly. His family is completely being destroyed by the conditions in which their next of kin is undergoing. His family is carrying all the burden in shouldering the disease Joe is suffering. They are trying to seek medical attention so that he can as well enjoy a life that is bug-free. Thus, being called in to intervene in Joe's situation which is to assist him in mental health recovery. At the same time, is required to help him recover from the trauma and distress of psychotic experiences that he is supposed to deal with. These psychotic experiences include loss of position in the community, discrimination, social exclusion, and feeling of hopelessness, stigma, forced hospitalization and trauma associated with receiving several diagnoses daily. Thus, for Joe, what he requires from me through his process of recovery is vision, outlook and guiding principle or conceptual framework to his recovery.

For my intervention to Joe to be effective, I will have to incorporate pervasive strategy which is alluded to be situation based and action oriented. Will include probably some guiding model to counseling. Will have to make sure I define the problem facing him personally. I will also have to ensure his safety is guaranteed by providing every support he needs. I will also provide any other examining alternatives available, make all plans on how I will take care of his recovery processes by obtaining the commitment of deed from him. Finally, I will combine a collaborative and non-directive technique. In that way, I will allow Joe to come up with all possible alternatives that will bring some solutions to his situations.


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