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This was one of the greatest movies in the year 2001. The movie was revolving around the technology which had the capability of detecting the possibility of a crime happening before. The movie is a science fiction movie which is directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie is set to be taking place in 2054 where prime Crime is a special police department which apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge seen in the introduction. This information is provided by three physics called Precogs who have the ability to see into the future. Tom Cruise plays the lead role as the chief of Precrime John Anderton.

The concept of the movie is well laid down as different crimes are stopped and at the beginning of the entire movie no one see the fault of such a system. Arresting an innocent person out of the perception that the future has shown the person committing a crime. The sense that the system was faultful was when John Anderton is the main issue when the system is manipulated, and it is seen he is to commit murder hence he has to be arrested as well. He goes on the run to try and prove his innocence by exposing the error within the system as well as proving his innocence. The storyline starts in a compelling manner to some point the view would feel the need to have such a system in play within the current world, but the minute the storyline changes one finds he/herself doubting the reliability of the system.

In the production of the movie back in 2002, it is worth mentioning that the production company came up with such an interesting movie. The minute the movie begins the producers make us feel the futuristic technology in play (Corrigan & Aufderheide, 2014). The characters are using sophisticated planes to fly around, and this can be realized throughout the movie. Several elements used in the movie play a huge role in the viewer's eyes starting with the lighting used in the entire movie. The lighting within the movie gives it such a captivating futuristic view were a different thing within the caption are glowing, a good example is the screens which appear to be projected on a glass surface, but one can control them. The lightings used on such surfaces is very interesting. The other element worth mentioning is the editing of the movie (Geiger & Rutsky, 2013). The movie is edited with the science fiction concept, and every element has its purpose. The movie we watch happens to be the final edit and as seen they production team has managed to deliver a scientifically complex theme throughout the movie.

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) has been used in so many places within the movie to portray the future feel of the world. Things like the streets cars among other give the movie a futuristic feel hence make the viewers get the feeling of how 2054 is supposed to look like. Other things such as the costumes used by the actors have also aided a lot in the communication of the feels theme and concept (Oechsner, 2013). Other things such as deep focus have been used to capture essential details in different parts of the movie where the viewers' attention is needed. In the process of deep focus, some of the objects has been placed in a frontality manner still aimed at setting the viewers attention much easier.

From the movie, it is right to say that in 2002 for such a movie to be produced it was such an accomplishment by the production house. The movie concept was also well developed and easy to understand.



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