Questions and Answers on the Influence of Technologies on Sales and Entertainment

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1. Long Tail

Long tail keywords are sometimes misused since some employers include keywords that attract buyers who are not searching for a particular product. In this way, they draw a traffic of guys who were not willing to buy the product. For instance, according to Dan Roberts, In just two and a half years, we've seen well over a 150% increase in traffic. The more traffic we get, the more subscriptions we sell. Word tracker is a fundamental tool. The data that's available gives you a better insight than ever before into your audience (Brynjolfsson et al., p.762). It is seen that despite the fact that a consumer usually knows what they want in the market, marketers misuse long tails to make unwilling buyers to purchase their products. The long tail does not treat supplies as people with unique interests since it makes them convince people to buy things that they also do not need.

2. Answer

It follows six principles: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions, and Stories. Simplicity: we are encouraged to avoid the idea of saying that something short is not the mission. One need to make a profound statement that will make individuals spend a lifetime in learning to follow it. Secondly, in Unexpectedness, one needs to violate individuals expectations to generate interest and curiosity. It can be enhanced by opening gaps systematically and closing them with the desired knowledge. In concreteness, we need to use multiple means to pass truths so as to incorporate all human senses and actions regarding sensory information. Credibility: we need to help individuals to test ideas for themselves. To make people check our thoughts, we need to use a try before you buy strategy to make them have confidence in our sticky ideas. Emotions: since people are wired to feel things on their own, it could be better if we convey wired feelings on things but not abstractions. For instance, most people would prefer to help an individual rather than a group since they are connected to the feel. Stories: we need to communicate ideas with stories to make people act on our ideas (Jensen et al., 517).

3. Question

According to Rifkin (109), bank tellers are the kind of people who are going to be outdone in this current technological error. For instance, the modern advancement in Mobile banking has made most bank tellers lose their jobs. It is, as a result, their careers have been taken over by the introduction of the mobile banking techniques that enable individuals to do all bank operations by use of Smartcards, Visas and E-banking services instead of cueing in the bank for minor issues like withdrawals. The career is facing the danger of its inexistence in the future economy completely when the advancements will be extended to all people.

4. A recent example of social innovation.

An example of social innovation in 2015 was the internet sharing things which allow people to find the unused urban spaces to rent for relaxation or work. An example is A Breather. Breather is a trend that enables people to get connections and to get new opportunities. Therefore, the social innovations developed the internet of sharing things to meet the internet of caring things (Singe, 69).

5. The future of the entertainment industry

The advancement of file sharing technology in gadgets has brought about fraud in music since most individuals prefer getting a music file from a friend than downloading the file. Also, in this situation of the web error, iTunes has taken over the music stores that were used by musicians making the survival tactics of musicians to diminish. Soon, the music industry will lack investors due to the limiting factors that are causing the modern musicians not to generate enough for their survival. It is no evident that musicians are used in adverting minor products like selling of t-shirts profiting the manufacturing industries while undermining their efforts by subtle payments. Aggregators, in this case, is not Google, so only a trickle of money is made (p.62), and the aggregate musicians make absolutely nothing.

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