The Reasons Why Ethics and Integrity Will Be Important in My Future Career Choice in Law Enforcement

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Ethics refers to the moral principles, which govern the behavior of an individual or the process of conducting an activity. Ethics and law enforcement are related. Therefore, ethics will be important in my future career of law enforcement, as it will assist me in becoming more personally responsible when dealing with different issues affecting my career. Being responsible is important as it makes an individual to be strong, successful, and confident. Additionally, ethics will also be important for my future career, as it will give me the chance of being open and aware of moral and ethical issues. Ethics will also play a significant role in my future career in the law enforcement since it will give me a deeper understanding of how the criminal justice engages in the process of coercion. The reason is that it helps with the outer and inner strength and using the authority in workplace and meeting all my objectives and goals in the workplace.

Integrity is the quality of having good moral principles and being honest. Integrity will be substantial in my choice of a career in law enforcement, as it will help me in the daily activities and values when relating to customers and coworkers. Furthermore, through integrity, I will be able to gain trust and honesty among my coworkers. Integrity will also be significant in my future career choice in law enforcement as will it enable me to be dependable and trustworthy (Michael & Lochrie, 2009). In most cases, when one shows others integrity then they will also show respect and trust in return which plays a significant role in my choice of career. Gaining trust from the coworkers makes them behave in an honorable way towards another individual.

Aspects through which ethics, morality, and law differ regarding the decisions of my local law enforcement officers

Ethics, morality, and law are different, and this means that the enforcement officers are supposed to be prepared when acting in various situations when affected with an issue following the laws, regulations, and rules, which are established. The focus of the local enforcement officers is showing ethical behavior and applying morality and law in the different situations that once can face. Ethics, morality, and law differ in the aspect of decision-making since ethics offers some standards for the behavior of an individual which help in deciding in deciding how people are supposed to respond or act in some situations (Keown & George, 2013). The codes of ethics play a significant role as they outline the formal values, which promote the moral decision-making about the core values. In most of the cases, the law enforcement usually avoids the decisions which are based on the character and self-interest including honesty and courage. The reason is that ethics assists different individuals to understand the significance of making good.

Ethics, morality, and law also play an important regarding the decisions of my local law enforcement officers. The reason is that one should first consider the moral principles, which govern the behavior of an individual (Keown & George, 2013). On the other hand, morality is the extent through which an action is wrong or right. Therefore, before making a decision, one should consider the extent in which it is wrong or right. This strategy is different from the one of the ethics, which considers the implication of a decision. A law refers to a system of rules enforced and established through governmental institutions to help in regulating behavior (Keown & George, 2013). Therefore, the law makes one make decisions that are legally accepted.

Ways in which law enforcement officers should use ethics, morality, and a code of conduct in both their professional and personal lives

The law enforcement officers should use ethics, morality, and a code of ethic in their personal and professional lives using various ways. It is the obligation of the law enforcement officers to serve and protect their citizens. On the other hand, an enforcement officer is supposed to be truthful while taking care of himself or herself in a professional way. This issue can be achieved well by not cheating or stealing. The law enforcement officers are also supposed to have uprightness by embracing the ethical and moral behavior in their professional and personal lives. The codes of behavior that can relate to local law enforcement include ethics. In most cases, an officer has the obligation of maintaining ethical behavior in both their personal and professional lives. The reason is that most of the people usually consider the law enforcement officers are role models. In some cases, some officers may cover up their wrong doings, and this makes most of the people to hate the police officers instead of the specific officer who is responsible.

The other way that the law enforcement officers should use morality, code of conduct and ethics in their professional and personal lives is by applying integrity in all their activities. Having integrity makes a law enforcement officer truthful and honest in both their personal and vocational lives. Integrity is usually considered as the foundation of an individuals character (Michael & Lochrie, 2009). The law enforcement officers should tell the truth even if it is ugly than deluding themselves. Most of the citizens will be impressed when the law enforcement officers regard integrity when conducting their daily operations in personal and professional lives.



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