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My personal engagement is in the musical industry. Music is seen to be a form of entertainment to both the listeners and the people involved in it. Also, it is a combination of both vocal and instrumental sounds in a manner that it provides beauty in the form of harmony as well as expression of emotion. My musical background has been quite a long journey. It all began at school where musical education was not much more than the standard music. The school had scheduled musical classes for all the grades at least three times a week. The music lessons consisted of singing songs, learning basics of reading music as well as playing simple instruments. Also, we learned a few music histories such as a couple of classical musicians, the past of Billy Joel, three pop- music units and one unit on the Beatles. This music history encouraged us to practice more and establish our vocals so as to know which category our voices belonged.

Moreover, we were taught more about the different era of classical music. However, recalling the classical music was a problem since it was so difficult to remember the era traditional names. Nonetheless, this did not stop us from attending the musical classes, and our music teacher was so determined in ensuring that every student familiarized themselves in playing at least one instrument. Moreover, by the time I was in grade eight I had known to play trumpet which meant that I already knew how to read music and have an idea about the keys. Due to my interest in music, I decided to take music theory so that I would know the difference between major and minor chords. Thus, due to this determination, I learned to play several instruments including trumpet and violin.

Moreover, in my school, I became famous for playing violin which seemed hard to others. It was my pride to see that I was unique in playing other instruments which turned out to be a hustle to others. Due to my qualification in playing the violin, I joined the school band and would exercise my expertise there. We participated in different competitions with other schools and our group always emerged the top. It encouraged me more and made me practice several chords with the instrument. Thus, I can now play the violin perfectly and join any band comfortably. On the other hand, I enjoy playing and listening to music. My favorite tastes of music I prefer listening to are the classical and love songs. Whenever I listen to such kind of music, I encounter a pleasant feeling which makes me feel good. For instance, when I need an excitement or had a bad day I often listen to music to brighten the life journey.

Also, when I feel alone and want time to reflect, I listen to soft music as well as when I want to escape the pressures of my daily life. Therefore, I have realized that whenever I felt depressed and disturbed the best cure is to listen to sweet music. On the other hand, my musical tastes reflect my personal identity in that; people understand my personality by seeing the types of music I listen to and like playing using my violin. Therefore, it is clear that the tastes of music a person has reflect their personal identity.

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