College Admission Personal Statement: Importance of Engineering Innovation

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Engineering play an important role in innovation and improving the societys standards of living. This is because it transforms the society to high tech and brings value-added activities. Innovation is a key driver to increasing standards of living and a quality life. Through engineering, inventions will be converted into innovations. The role of engineers as leaders is to help in shaping a sustainable society. I developed interests in engineering and innovation in the previous years during my high school where I used to excel well in sciences and mathematics. I earned an A in these subjects and this proved me that with my interest in this areas, I can pursue a career in the engineering field.

Engineering in a multicultural community

Engineering serves as a resource for students who want an encouraging community and support in achieving academic, personal, and career goals. They help in diversifying the engineering programs and events. My career goal is to gain a role which allows me to further my knowledge and skills in this field as well as increased responsibility in an innovative institution. In my high school, I got exposed to subjects under the engineering field which reinforced and strengthened my interest in the field. I have also had an opportunity to study business and it provided me innovative ideas. I come from a multinational background whereby many are times when I had to travel abroad accompanying my parents during their work assignments. Significantly, this made me to learn from different schools thus meeting with different people from different countries.

Leadership through networking

In the schools, I attended academic congresses mainly involving sciences and mathematics whereby we took part in show casing our innovative projects and ideas. The academic contests helped in expounding my minds through participation in different projects. Similarly, I took part in charity trips where we could volunteer and perform different social responsibilities. During the process, I acquired a sense of appreciation for different cultures and their representation. I had opportunity to learn and interact with a lot of people with different cultures. I also made new friends and leveraged this to build bridges, networks and facilitating leadership.


Through my leadership knowledge and network links I acquired in my high school level as well as interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds, I believe I can positively contribute to your school. I can also ensure the school corporate social responsibility is improved thus helping in the marketing of the institution to the surrounding regions and whole state at large. It will also me to work with other students in the school and ensure success in our activities through working together.

I am aware of the status of your school and my discussions with several of the former alumni have served to magnify my interest of joining this school. Am also aware that the institution is among the best in the country simply because of its quality education and trainings which is proved by the alumnae who have showed quality work and experience in their workplaces. I know that the school faculty of engineering is where my dreams will be made true as there is enough and quality facilities and expertise. I therefore would like to pursue my studies up to my Ph. D level. It is my hope that you will consider and give me the privilege of starting my undergraduate studies in your institution.

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