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My desire to become a physician assistant hails partly from my love of medicine and a desire to grow professionally. I am currently working as a Sleep Disorder Tech at the Bethsaida Military Hospital. As at now, I am a father of three residing in Maryland but originally from Eritrea. To pursue my designed career path, I need to enlist with a reputable PA school.

My academic performance is above average in all areas relevant to my field of specialization as shown by my 3.0 Grade Point Average in my undergraduate program. I excelled in common subjects as well including mathematics and verbal sections. All my scores in biology, microbiology, anatomy, chemistry, and physiology are an evidence of my hard-earned victory in previous academic endeavors. My grades are an exemplification of my aptitude in hard sciences, especially anatomy, biology, chemistry, and physiology.

I have strived to replicate various skills learned in school in actual practice and made myself a better person. The work and responsibilities at the Military Hospital are demanding, and it has put me through various medical practice experiences. In fact, I have learned more on the job than I did in school. The practical application of medical skills and dealing with new cases every day exposes me to a variety of fresh experience. Moreover, I have grown accustomed to the demands of a crisis in fields outside my area of specialization. Therefore, my skills are applicable in a variety of areas. I can proudly say that my hands-on patient care expertise is superb.

During my time as a student and while working, I repeatedly volunteered on several fronts where my skills were needed. I am a registered volunteer with Red Cross and several other programs that seek to spread the spirit of philanthropy through medical assistance all over the globe. My country is a developing nation, and most people cannot afford fundamental medical procedures and drugs. However, I partner with several initiatives to offer medical assistance in areas Im comfortable handling. Additionally, I volunteer during emergencies especially under the Red Cross and in areas outside the reach of Red Cross resources. These include remote villages and slums in outskirts of my town which is characteristic of low-income individuals faced by such ailments as HIV/AIDs, childbirth, malnutrition, and malaria.

During the last five years, I have volunteered five hours a week for various non-clinical community service activities. I tutored piano lessons to children in the local shelter for street children. Most of the candidates I started with are now professional piano players and are making a living from the trade. However, my most notable experience is winning the under-12 football league in my municipality as the coach of the school my youngest child goes to. Volunteering to such services gives me pride as a father, and I hope to spread my love for humanity by acting as an example.

When my career as a Physician Assistant is successful, I yearn to impact the lives of people. I realize that having the skills and training is such a fortune that should not be taken lightly nor underutilized. Outside my line of work, I am a compassionate, energetic, and friendly man who is a role model for my kids and other young people who share my background. I would best describe myself as a philanthropist whose only joy is helping those who find themselves struck by the tragedies of life, medical or otherwise. Admittance to a reputable program will not only be a new milestone in my career but also a reflection of the person I have always aspired to become.

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