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In a profession that requires utmost professionalism while dealing with not only patients but also colleagues, it is amazing to realize that an epidemic is eating away at the essence of the definition of nurses. So widespread is horizontal violence that the administration, nurses, and patients are affected. Horizontal violence is a physical or emotional force whose impact damages someone who is at the same level as the perpetrator of the injustice (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). In this scenario, peer-directed violence takes center stage and is subject to discussion.

Question 1: What aspects of this incident would you classify as a form of horizontal violence?

Amica is a victim of horizontal violence thanks to her colleague; the senior nurse. Despite the fact that Amica confides in her, she brushes her off since the other nurses are used to Dr. Ks bullying. Additionally, it is troubling to realize that the senior nurse considers the doctors hostile nature towards his subordinates as an initiation; as though one should derive pleasure from the bullying. Resultantly, the senior nurse creates a breeding ground for suffering among her peers in the institution.

Question 2: Describe the effects that horizontal violence can have on Nurse Amica.

Horizontal violence against Amica may prompt her to become unproductive or to abandon her profession altogether (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). The doctor orders her not to handle his patients yet this task lays in her jurisdiction. Since her peer does nothing to better the situation, Amica may not put her skills to use. Additionally, this kind of violence is likely to damage Amicas self-esteem. Eventually, she is likely to quit the job.

Question 3: Suggest strategies/interventions that can be put in place to minimize horizontal violence.

According to Kelly & Tazbir (2014), horizontal violence can be minimized through acknowledging that things are amiss. It could be that the doctor does not realize that his actions are worrying and it is wrong for the senior nurse to assume that a tense environment is the new normal. The physicians behavior should not be allowed, but an appropriate response should instead be encouraged. These reactions include managing emotions and making direct requests. The nurses can team up and have a talk with Dr. K where they directly point out the kind of treatment that they expect from him. These strategies will ensure that professionalism in upheld in a positive workplace environment.

Peer Response

In response to Yvonne OConnor- The statistical evidence that you have provided is very informative in the understanding of the extent to which horizontal violence has spread among nurses. You have also pointed out the other form of horizontal violence as that indicated by Dr. Ks violent words and actions. Agreeably, this scene falls in the category of horizontal violence, and the survey by the Institute of Medication confirms that seventy-four percent of the doctors uttered condescending and demeaning comments to the nurses. Also, it is important to note, as you have indicated, that coaching and mentoring is an important intervention for minimizing horizontal violence. As part of their training, professional nurses and doctors should be instructed on ethical practices while on duty. Long-serving employees should be required to mentor fresh graduates; in this way, they act as role models as opposed to oppressors to the new employees. Inherently, horizontal violence is mitigated, and a friendly working environment is cultivated.


Kelly, P., & Tazbir, J. (2014). Essentials of nursing leadership & management. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.

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